Blue beam of light

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Blue beam of light

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Hello :)

In my "General discussion" topic I was telling about invisible aliens living in my house for some period of time to balance my energy or raise my vibrations. I have been super curious about their craft and appearance ever since. I have no idea what they look like, but I see that some are shorter and some are tall (I see air vibrations or energies as they walk around). I asked them to show me at least a tiny proof that their craft is here, I really wanted to see some lights or whatever they can show me. Last night I just looked outside of my kitchen window thinking about the upcoming birthday party that evening and suddenly a vivid, dark blue ray of light appeared in a strange place and disappeared in 3 seconds. It looked as if the light came from the sky, but the ray was very inclined. It appeared in my neighbors' garden. I am definitely not sure if it was connected to the UFOs or was it just some sort of device my neighbors had switched on for few seconds. Although I can't imagine what device could have such a vivid and powerful light.
I will have a look time to time if it shows up again, because to be honest I am more convinced that those were just my neighbors. But on the other hand , as I said, I can't imagine what device could have such a powerful ray!

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Re: Blue beam of light

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Hi Wildlove,
That blue light sounds interesting, keep an eye out for it!
Sounds like you may have gotten what you were looking for.
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