TR3B Over Highway

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TR3B Over Highway

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Years ago my father and I were on our way home late at night on a interchange in Houston. There were no other cars in sight on the interchange as we approached and no cars near us either. Once we were on one of the higher parts of the road way I was looking out above the road ahead of us and saw 3 lights in a triangle formation above us. It was to our front left, above the road hovering very close to us. As we began to pass by it drifted slowly over head of us going to the right, as it flew over I looked up through the sunroof and saw the lights but couldn't see the night sky past it, if anything I saw the faint detail of the ship itself as passed over head. As we drove by it drifted of to the other side of the highway from where it had been, and I started to lose track of it from looking back as the view became obstructed by another road. I was kind of freaking out about it at the time, but thinking back on it it must have been only 50 to 100 yards above us. It was very close and fairly large. The worst part is I had my phone in my hand and didn't think to take a picture or video because of how awestruck I was. I'm still beating my self for that.
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Re: TR3B Over Highway

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When I was a teenager, I was hanging out with a friend in the backyard at night. We both saw a group of three TR3B's fly over in formation. They each had the red light in the center of the triangle craft and they were silent as they slowly flew over. They are military technology. Where they got that technology I'm not sure...could be reverse-engineered from the visitors or maybe reptilian tech.

Yeah, when you are in the moment, you don't always think about taking a photo or making a video even if you have a camera in your hands. In those kind of moments, you usually give your full attention to what is happening.
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