Project Blue Beam - Fake Alien Invasion - Be Aware of This

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Project Blue Beam - Fake Alien Invasion - Be Aware of This

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Through the years I have encountered real, friendly, loving star people who are trying to help those of us who are waking up to free ourselves of the control system currently in place on Earth. I have also encountered negative entities (that I call aliens) who kidnap and torture people. And there is another party involved with the whole alien abduction phenomenon: what I call the Secret Government. The Secret Government is a fairly small group of powerful and influential people who have created the fake history of the world and who are following and carrying out a hidden agenda largely portrayed in television and movies.

The Secret Government is most definitely involved with fake alien abductions. I have personally experienced their fake holographic aliens and I have also discovered "alien suits" made of some type of rubbery material in an underground installation I was brought to. According to abductee and researcher Melinda Leslie, the military abducts alien abductees for information retrieval. I completely agree. Please watch the Melinda Leslie Interview and read the Melinda Leslie Article about RE-ABS (Reverse Engineering of Alien Abductees carried out by military personnel).

Having been involved with the alien abduction phenomenon since I was 4 years old, I have had 40 years to record my experiences, analyze the data, and come to certain conclusions. I have been brave and always kept my eyes open and kept my awareness intact to the best of my ability during all types of alien abductions or visitations from the good star people. I have been observing and learning everything I can, all these years.

There is something that EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW: Project Blue Beam (One of the many sick and twisted tools used by the Secret Government) is very capable of projecting very life-like holographic images into our daily lives as well as when we are sleeping. MANY of the negative "alien abductions" are actually carried out by military personnel under orders of the Secret Government (MILABS).

DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Have you noticed the growing number of aliens in television PROGRAMS and movies? There is a reason for this and it is not to finally release the information to the public. It is to promote their fake alien invasion that will be supported with technology such as Project Blue Beam.

Please do your research. Look up Project Blue Beam, HAARP, and Agenda 21 on the Internet and you will find the truth about the Secret Government's evil plans. Please read NASA's Project Blue Beam by Serge Monast. Here is an example of current holographic technology available to the public -- holograms that you can TOUCH -- so can you imagine what the Secret Government has that they are not disclosing???

Please, everyone, keep love in your heart and strive to know yourself. You are the only one you can truly depend on when you start to see unusual things and hear unusual thoughts in your head. Part of the HAARP technology is mind control. WE will all be able to pull through this, but we each need to know ourselves and sometimes we may even need to question our own thoughts.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: Project Blue Beam - Fake Alien Invasion - Be Aware of Th

Post by Tess »

The site you have send is very interesting thanks!
There is a list of different abduction ,one is an alien/aliens and human beings.
Guess that fits exactly the type of abduction i had.
As far as i could tell there was only one alien,very tall blond and the only one who offered some words of reassurance.
The others do not know exactly how many maybe four or more were humans.
There was a woman and her face is still clear in my memory that i can pick her out from a crowd!

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