The Mandela Effect

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The Mandela Effect

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Has anyone noticed the names of brands changing, movie titles, book titles, other changes in media? The world map has even changed. Sure, you could say that it's all part of marketing and companies want to change their look to freshen things up, but these changes have to do more with the way people remember things.

Did you hear of or read the book Interview With A Vampire? Well, go back and look at that 20-year-old copy of your book now and it will say Interview With THE Vampire. Maybe half the people just remember it wrong...but what about all the other things that people remember "wrong?" And why is it happening now?

Check out this video my husband John and I made called The Mandela Effect:

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Re: The Mandela Effect

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Nice we do have a post about this now :)

I did notice something, and I wasn't the only one. The final episode of the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons never aired or was made, there is only a script of it that wasn't made public until recent years. But I indeed saw it on Tv on the 90's, and I found many other people on the Internet who also saw like I did and remember exactly as I do and we all are baffled on how come it doesn't exist. It matches the script what I remember. But I watched the thing. I could never forget, it was such plot twist!
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