Why the Sleeple are Sleeping

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Prognatus Septem
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Why the Sleeple are Sleeping

Post by Prognatus Septem »

Hi all,

The topic in the following videos is quite literally the "key" to why MOST Americans are completely asleep right now, during what should be an historical awakening.
This alpha state inducement on television has been going on since its creation. However, the more recent addition of high (tech) magic "broad"-"casts" of "programs" is much more powerful in its effectiveness to change behavior and even re-write memory.

PLEASE BE ADVISED...>>> Once you have watched these videos you will never again see television the same way. Hopefully you will never want to watch T.V. again.

Many blessing to all,

Part 1http://awakenvideo.org/2010/07/televisi ... evealed-i/

Part 2http://awakenvideo.org/2010/07/televisi ... vealed-ii/

Part 3http://awakenvideo.org/2010/07/televisi ... -revealed/

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Re: Why the Sleeple are Sleeping

Post by tskoone »

I've also cut a lot of watching tv because the quality of the programs has gone down for years. Especially those reality-tv shows are garbage. Nowadays I only watch few quality documentaries (history or nature) per week. Luckily finnish public broadcast company YLE is still putting some effort to provide some quality documentaries on air...

-Br, tskoone

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Re: Why the Sleeple are Sleeping

Post by Ashlie »

Hey, just wanted to let you know...I haven't watched TV now in almost 6 months. :D You all should be proud of me!! lol...it really does dumb you down. I feel so much better now...it's hard to explain what a difference it actually makes...you really have to stop watching it to notice the change though. And believe me...it is worth it!! :)

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