Equal as one

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Equal as one

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I've been doing some research on extraterrestrials, and I'm a little confused on my findings.
I've come up with love is more of a power or light energy and everyone has this energy, every living thing has energy. Negative energy dims your light. But You can brighten your light by taking care of your physical being. I can understand this, what i can not understand is I found that humans equality has been split in half between good and bad, positive and negative.
So we accept/accepted ourselves as what we become in a 3d dimension?
the question is how exactly are we supposed to accept ourselves and others as a whole and bring our two halves into one?
Does the whole dimension or world have to figure this out as one before we proceed to the next state or do we do this after oneself has taught them self through their created physical lessons?
and if one is close how do they know, and what is the next step to take?

I'm not sure if my information is correct, if not please direct me in the right path
thank you,
Peace,Love, & Equality

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Re: Equal as one

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Hi Mac,
Great questions!
Love is the greatest power. We all have it in us, although some of us are more aware of it than others and some of us allow love to shine from our hearts freely without fear. Those beings in lower frequencies, who do not understand love yet, are just behind on the learning curve. :) At least, that's what I make of it. Even people or aliens that we label as "evil" are just on the low end of the love continuum. Yes, we have been experiencing this Earth life in 3D, with the separation of good vs. bad or positive vs. negative, but I believe that is about to change as more of us wake up and make the move into 4th dimensional space.

However, not everyone is going to make it to 4D this time around. The really negative people who are just not ready to find the love in their hearts and are not able to leap from 3D to 4D into higher vibrational frequency ranges, will stay behind with the old Earth and face the pole shift.

Just keep doing what you're doing Mac. Follow your spirit. Keep love in your heart and look through eyes of love with every interaction. Keep love as your "perspective lens."

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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