They appear but I have no memory

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They appear but I have no memory

Post by Squatch »

What does it mean when you have multiple memories of seeing lights/craft but they just seem to go by in seconds? I don't believe they just want to "fly by" and that's it.

That's been my experience... they appear and seconds seem to go by and they disappear. Can they stop time? Erase memories? What is going on?

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Re: They appear but I have no memory

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Hi Squatch!

If you are only seeing the lights/craft for a few seconds, maybe it's just because they blinked in and out really fast. OR perhaps you do have some missing time. Yes, they can cover up what really happened. Sometimes you'll get "screen memories" that cover up what really occurred and sometimes you don't recall the details because your state of awareness changed during the encounter.

What do you remember about the times you saw the lights/craft?

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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