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Alien abduction, hybrid child and physical manifistation

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 4:04 am
by guldage
A memory has reasently come up again. It seems that the more I work with mneditation and my spirituality. The more shows up.

With this paarticular memory I am about 22-23 or around there. I am asleep in my old room at my parents house. I no longer live at home at that time I can say for sure, because of the interior of the room. It is not my stuff. Anyways it is the very room where I had the first memories of abduction from and the window goes out to the back yard where I saw my first UFO i can remember.

I go to sleep and this dream take me to this half dark cave where I am lying on a sort of table or bed of some kind. I can sense there is someone next to me, but i can't see them. Just feel there is more than one. I am frozen or paralized in some way. There is this light shining from above my head, like a hospital light of a sorts, but again I can't see the sorce of it.

I can see the walls they are a bit rough, dark grey I think in colour and they seemed moust or wet. In many ways it seemed like an ordinary cave you see pictures of underground. Like when you have made a tunnel through a mountain. However a fairly large cave. I am at the one side and at the foot end there is far to the wall. So there is to the sides.

That is about as much I can get of the surroundings. I am feeling nautious. Well actually a bit sick. Then I manage to look down over my body and this thing is is comming out of me. Dark in skin and looking a cross between a human baby and that of the alien from the movie alien. It has these huge darl eyes. The really creepy part is that it lookes dtrait at me, like it is fully contious. Ower Eyes locked with eachother. It was very weird and creepy. The feeling of panic was there at that moment.

Then the next thing I remember is me waking up in my bet and I feel something pop in my abdomen and it is clearly from my uterus. Then liquid started to pore out. A lot of it. At that time I had no ideer how much liquid fetal water could be, but looking at it now. That was the amount. The bed was soaked in it.

So how is it possible or was it the physical manifistation of giving birth in another realm??

Re: Alien abduction, hybrid child and physical manifistation

Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:46 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Guldage,

Sorry for my delayed response. I am travelling right now.

Your recalled memory is incredible. You had this "dream" of having a baby and then a large amount of fluid actually came out of you after you woke up? It really sounds like you gave birth to a hybrid child in that other place and when you woke up, you showed the physical signs of childbirth. I think you are correct: it was the physical manifestation of giving birth in another realm.

You are doing a great job remembering things through your meditation and spirituality. Wonderful!

Many Blessings, Bonnie

Re: Alien abduction, hybrid child and physical manifistation

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 1:17 pm
by guldage
That would be correct. I looked into that babyes eyes. All Black and then I am out. Next thing I know I am in my bed and turnes very wet. I can remember i was pretty freakt out looking at the baby and it did not become less when All the water. I even think I hid the sheets from my parents. Have not looked back at it once since. Opressed memory I guess. To much of a trauma I think. I remembered it clearly back then I am sure, so they did not make me forget. At least that is what I think