Have I been abducted?

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Have I been abducted?

Post by stocksy »

So not sure if I believe in this or not but feel like I can ask the question here without a family member accusing me of being insane and me getting locked up so here is what has happened the last few weeks, it seems to happen every two weeks almost to the day!

Had three really weird exeprinces over the last six weeks at my house, about a month ago i was laying in bed and was dreaming about getting abducted or something alaong those lines but i cant explain what the dream was about as its unexplainable! well i felt my body getting put into my bed and i felt all this pressure pushing my body down and there was something in the room with me and i couldnt breath! i was stone cold and shacking and i couldnt even sit up in my bed! I instantly woke up the wife and said "hayley i have just been abducted" i just knew it! i cant explain how i just knew! then about two weeks ago same thing happened but i woke up i didnt know where i was, who i was, what my name was? who was next to me? it was like i was an empty shell!! i then thought to my self this isnt normal just ignore it and go back to sleep and your be ok, but i had no idea who i was or my name etc! i didnt even know whos bed i was in? anyway went to bed and woke up and was normal but i was still really shacken up over it! then last night same thing again, i felt my self getting put into bed like i floated into it, i felt somthing watching me from the built in wardrobe and end of the room and i couldnt move! i was shacking and i needed a wee so bad but couldnt move! but last night i could remember the dream i was and i was getting taken in this dream. i eventually went to the toilet but i was so scared i didnt know what to do? when i was going for a wee i felt something staring at me from behind! anyway probably nothing but three things now in a month, its never happened to me before and its probably nothing i just dont know how to explain it? told the wife and she just says ok nothing else as i sound like a bloody crazy person talking like this thats why i deleted the post lol

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Re: Have I been abducted?

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Hi there Stocksy,
Welcome to the forum. Wow, every two weeks? Sounds like you are on a schedule. I don't think it's "nothing," I think you are experiencing something valid.

So, somehow you are being floated in and out of your bed...and you can feel someone or something in the room with you. Abductees/Contactees often will feel themselves being floated in or out of bed and sometimes they can even recall floating right out through the window!

Add to this the fact that you were having weird dreams about being abducted.

Do you have any idea what was in the room with you? I imagine you were really freaked out and scared because you could not move and not breathe! But did you pick up any feelings from whoever was observing you? Did it feel evil or perhaps just neutral?

It is really interesting that one time you could not remember who you were. I do not know why that would happen except the slight possibility that you were out of your body for so long you were really disoriented when you returned.

People have different experiences, sometimes with friendly entities and sometimes not. There is even a U.S. military operation taking place that involves some deep mind control and the use of fake aliens (possibly holographic technology or even people in rubber suits).

Whatever is happening with you, it would be wise to protect yourself. Because this is likely a metaphysical type event, you can start protecting yourself by using visualization to create, for example, a bubble of white light around your body before you go to sleep.

The more you look into this, the more aware you will become and then you will find ways to take control of these situations.

You are definitely not alone. I have had plenty of experiences where I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself unable to move and sometimes shaking or feeling a numbness or tingling in my body. This is usually a side effect of what I call the "transitionary phase" and it happens when you are just leaving your body or just returning to it. For me, it involved star people or aliens...multidimensional entities that I have met with during "sleep" for all my life.

The thing is, during our sleep time, there is a lot more going on than we remember in the morning. I started writing my dreams down when I woke up so I could look back at it and see what was happening. I have been recording my dreams for about 30 years now and it has proven to be extremely insightful.

If you like, you can listen to this meditation I made that will help teach you how to protect yourself:

Good Luck with everything. Keep looking into it and you will discover more and more which will help you figure things out.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: Have I been abducted?

Post by stocksy »

Hi thanks for replying, this has been driving me crazy and i feel that talking about it people will think im crazy, the strange thing was the minute i woke up i said i have just been abducted i just new what had happened!

In terms of people in the room no i couldn't see anything, i didnt know if it was evil or friendly as you said it just felt neutral?! it just felt like someone was watching me and it made me really nervous! On all three occasion i had the same feeling! But when i woke up and didnt know who i was, where i was, who my wife was? i was basically a shell i didnt think ow i have just been abducted, it was a few days after and i starting thinking ow that was weird?

The first time it felt like my body had been placed back into my bed, i was shacking so bad i didnt know what to do? i didnt want to open my eyes or do anything as i was so shaken up.

The dreams i cant really remember either but i have got no bruises or cuts on me?

so do you think i was abducted then?

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Re: Have I been abducted?

Post by guldage »

Hi Stocksy you do not need to have bruises or cuts. It depends on what they want with you and how much you resist. At least that is how it goes in my experience. It also depends on who or what and place.
I have had both bad bruises and friendly experiences and weird marks that can not be called just bruises. THis one I have had before but I got a new one reasently.
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