Vivid re-occuring dream of blackeyed being.

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Vivid re-occuring dream of blackeyed being.

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I had this dream from a very young age. Early childhood. First time I remember it vividly I am about 5 years of age.
I am out on the beatch (live on an Island) and alarm is set. Someone is yelling alarm and then everybody is runnung. Me too, up and above the first line of dunes and onwards. This huge turtle is after me, as big as a house ( I am aware of how ridicilous it sounds :D )
I try and hide behind this bush but in vain. The turtle catch up with me and stick its head down to me. At that moment the only thing I see is these huge black eyes.
Then I either wake up or find myself transported to this strange room where I am lying down on some sort of taple or the like.
From this part I never remember much.

I always wake up, sometimes next to my bed or in the other end of the bed covered in sweet half in panic. terrified of looking out the window because I am convinced they are there.

This usually happend from or in my room in my parents house. The window was turned in the direction of the back yard and some open fields out back.
I had this dream till I was about 22 of a monthly basis and then it stopped. I am not sure what caused the end of this dream, but I have not had it since.

that is till tonight. Last night that specific draem. Woke up completely covered in sweet. Turtle and then that room. This time I can tell you that the walls look alive. Brownish in colour and kind of roocket looking. Me on that table.
However no bruises that I can see so far. Bruises and cuts of weird kind I often had as a child.

This time however I was in my todays bedroom in my own house. Why in the world does this dream show up again?? Find that strange. I have always though it was my childs brains way of coping with something happening, so why do I get this at the age of 48?

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