Hi there! I'm new to this

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Hi there! I'm new to this

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Re: Hi there! I'm new to this

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Hi Lucinda! Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum!
Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with all the other experiencers here. I am a life-long contactee myself. Yes, lots of people might say you are "crazy" but that is because they have no idea what is going on; they are simply ignorant of the fact there is more to life than their regular mundane lives.
Great job writing your experiences down and giving good details. I like how you made the list of how your experiences escalated, that was easy to follow. It totally makes sense, the order of events and how things have played out.

The very best thing you can do for yourself right now is stay calm and be in a good, happy place. Yes, it will make a difference for you to stay in a good, high frequency of love. Do not worry about these things because you ultimately have the power to control what happens. And being in that place of happiness will allow you to do just that.

My husband and I have also seen the stationary white flashes in the sky, lights that sometimes fly low over our yard, they glow brightly and then dim out, sometimes reappear, one light that turns into three lights and breaks off into different directions, and many many other unusual objects in the sky. It is likely that some of them are the star people and some of them are military. We've been seeing them for years.

I am certain that some of these objects can hear us talking because they respond to us, like what happened to you.

I am glad that you had a good experience with the friendly star people. Just like us humans, there are nice ones and not-so-nice ones. Here is what I think happened: You made contact with the good star people and they are working with you now. They may be checking up on you. They do this with all the people they are in contact with. They might start teaching you and helping you develop your psychic skills. If you can stay calm and be at peace while you are with them, you will be able to really become conscious and aware during their visits. It will help you learn what they are trying to show you, and it will enable you to be awake and alert and give you control during the encounter. After you get some practice with this, you will see the benefit of being calm and aware.

The white mark on your leg could be from the star people. I don't see any indention at all, so it might not be a "scoop mark," but you said that it has now transformed into a pink mark with a white ring around it. I think the mark could be from the star people. It looks like marks I have gotten from them in the past. It is something they do during check-ups, possibly taking small skin samples. The mark may eventually fade away.

Not sure about the marks on the ankles. Are they still there or did they fade away?

The blue-tinged lightning in your room sounds amazing, sorry it was terrifying!! Sometimes when the star people are around, just before a visitation, you might see flashes of light or hear strange "cartoon-like" noises.

Military Abduction is pretty much what you said: Military pretending to be aliens or military doing a follow-up visit after an encounter with the star people. I have plenty of experience with military abduction. You are correct, it is the worst. How can you avoid it? The very best thing you can do is stay calm, be happy, be in a good vibrational frequency, and this will keep most negativity away from you. However, there are times when you might have a scary experience with military or greys or reptilians or whatever it is...it is then that you really NEED to be in the highest vibrational frequency of love and light as possible. This gives you the ability to kick their asses. LOL. Seriously.

The strength that is naturally within you, that has always been part of who you truly are, is supported and nourished by your ability to allow love and light into your heart, the inflowing of Source. You can have a clear connection with your highest self and a connection to the place you originally came from, back home...Source. This makes you unbeatable.

You can contact all the star people and UFOs you want to...have fun...just do it with LOVE in your heart.

The nicest star people I have met are the ones I consider family. I have known them probably since before I was born into this world. And my first earthly experience with the star people happened when I was four years old. My star friends are tall, thin, rather white skin, heads and eyes that are closer to human size, some of them have a little hair but most do not. They taught me how to use my third eye, how to work with energy, how to manifest reality, and many other psychic skills that were already within me, they just helped me develop them.

As far as hybrid children go, tell the star people you do not want to produce any offspring. Be firm about it and stand your ground.

When I was younger, I did take part in their hybrid creation. I wasn't really aware of it at the time, not until it had been happening for a while and they introduced me to my children! It was very emotional for me, upsetting, but at the same time I also realized that these children are really intelligent, and not scary monsters or something but beautiful children.

Why do they make hybrid children? When I was younger, the star people told me that they were creating hybrid children to bring the best qualities of star people and humans together into one form that souls can incarnate into. It is also supposedly meant to help preserve human DNA while humans are still completely human.

Is the military involved with the creation of hybrid children? I would wager a large bet that they are. They have their secret bases where they perform genetic experiments, so only God knows what they have been doing. Again, being awake, aware, and full of love and light is your best defense.

I definitely have implants from the star people and also the military. And I know other people who have them. Like you said, they must be more than just a "tracking device."

I do not have all the answers, but I have been dealing with this my whole life and I am 51 years old now. So I have had lots of experience with it. I know for sure that you can take control of these encounters by feeling love, happiness, being kind, and also being very strong inside, feeling your own inner strength and trusting your intuition.

I wrote a book about my experiences. I talk about the typical abduction stuff, the military, and also how I learned to overcome much of it. You can check it out here: Invitation to the Self; journey with the star people

Ultimately, Lucinda, you have the power within you to do anything, including telling any visitor that you are not interested and they do not have permission to see you.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: Hi there! I'm new to this

Post by lucinda28 »

Thank you so much for your answers and support Bonnie! This has seriously helped and reassured me.

I've learnt that fear is just part of it, regardless to how kind and good the extraterrestrials intentions are. The fear is something I'll get over with practice, though. You are incredibly brave for managing to overcome this hurdle, as the fear is easily the hardest thing to cope while an encounter is happening. Listening to music while I sky watch has also helped ease some of the anxiety and take me to a better place mentally, and I advise that to anyone who has started sky watching.

The ankle scoop marks did fade- after about two hours. I read some experiences with other abductees and apparently the ankle indents are really common. What's up with that!
I've also started getting overwhelming, awful tinnitus alternating in ears, that comes on about five or six times a day. This is only started happening in the past month and is worsening daily.

I've since obtained another round white mark on the back of my thigh, which blew my mind as I've been having some really normal nights recently. The leg mark is still there, and looks very ugly when I wear tan on that area. No idea about that one, I wonder if the white round ones are something I developed as a reaction to the bug I caught though. I'll post if anything cool and beyond doubt appears on me.

So far, I have only had contact with what I believe are the good star people, who are presenting me with a lot of choice and patience in how I interact with them. I get a sense of excitement from them too, for some reason.
I'm keeping my mind in a happy place to ensure these are the only type of encounters I experience, and it seems to work really well!

Since discovering more things about the topic, I've since changed my position about the offspring, as I've come to realise that I am in safe hands with the ones I'm currently having experiences with (assuming they're the same guys every time.)

I could be wrong about this, but from what I gather, the good star people carefully choose their targets, and attempt to bring out the best qualities of those selected for offspring creation, so their children can exist in their beautiful world sharing some of that desired DNA. This is a really comforting thought and has removed a lot of anxiety around the topic for me, as my main barier to the idea was the fear of not being able to protect a child from knowing the ills of mankind, suffering etc- ideas and concepts I realise are often limited to earth.

Your description of the tall thin friends you've made sounds very similar to the ones I encountered during that experience I first mentioned.

They had large (but not ridiculously so) dark eyes, were somewhat pale, bald, and I believe they were clothed in what could have been robes. They looked incredibly 'normal' to me, and not the slightest bit scary, which I remember feeling surprised by, as it contradicted all the fear I'd built up in my head. They were very tall and gracious, polite, and spoke to me in a very straightforward tone, using my own voice. I wish I could remember what I asked them.

I am very much getting your book for Christmas, and I look forward to reading it!
Thank you once again! :D

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