Universal law and alien abduction

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Universal law and alien abduction

Post by Klishea »

I am new here, but am a lifetime experiencer. I prefer the term experiencer rather than abductee. I would like to share a profound insight that could help any abductee flip their frightening experience into something profound...

The first step is to sidestep conditioning that has us project our insecurities and prejudice out into the cosmos... it will behoove us to consider that otherworldly life is not limited to technological advances... they are advanced in every way. Technologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They know to observe and adhere to universal law.

The universal law of attraction demonstrates for us that like attracts like... we are electromagnetic by nature and the frequency we put out draws to us more of the same... an attitude of fear toward the unknown will equate a fearful experience and draw to you beings that buzz at that lowest frequency of fear...
Adopting the attitude of adventure and excitement about discovering the unknown will bring to you a different flavor, a new experience altogether... this frequency brings us experience with beings who buzz at that loving, adventurous and sometimes even playful way of being... our experience then begins to shift from being terrified, to belonging to a group mission of discovery and excitement...

Right now, as our paradigm shifts, it will help us to understand that our own attitudes will dictate the quality of our experience. I know this. I am living it now. As my experience with this has been so profound, I have even had the pleasure of sharing the experience of seeing them in person with others, where they come as balls of light.

I would like to open dialogue on this subject, as I feel that it is crucial to understanding this phenomena... we are evolving humans, and they are here to mentor and coach us if we choose.

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Re: Universal law and alien abduction

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Greetings Klishea! Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help forum!

Thank you so much for your positive message. It is true that like attracts like, and whatever frequency we are vibrating on will attract others vibrating at that same frequency. We can actually shift our attitudes and perspectives to bring in new experiences with loving multidimensional beings.

I have had a lifetime of contact experiences with friendly teachers that I call star people. The main lesson they taught was to release fear and replace it with love. This was one of the ways to help raise my vibrational frequency.

I have also had experiences with military (MILABS) and some reptilians and greys. These events were more challenging and I learned that the only way to overcome them was to fill my heart with love and raise myself up into a frequency that they could not touch. It really is true that LOVE is the most powerful energy in the universe.

We all have a great opportunity right now as the Earth experience is shifting from the Age of Capricorn into the Age of Aquarius. This is going to shake things up and break apart the old, outdated ways of looking at life. Our perspectives on life will expand and grow to allow that love in our hearts to chart a new path for us...something that we can all be happy with.

Now is the time to break free from the chains of the past and the old mentality to create a brand new world of love and light and beautiful experiences with all the multidimensional beings that live with us here on the Earth plane.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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