Casting Experiencers for a TV Series in Development

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Casting Experiencers for a TV Series in Development

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Greetings Everyone!
I recently spoke with a nice lady who is a TV producer. She and the studio she is affiliated with are creating a TV series about Experiencers. They are looking for people who are abductees or contactees that are having trouble dealing with life due to their experiences.

"The TV series focuses on supporting Experiencers who haven't yet dealt with the aftermath of their encounters and how it has affected them.
As an example, the Experiencer does not necessarily have to be in the closet about it. They can be somewhat out and bring us up to date, but they have not dealt with the repercussions. Essentially, they are seeking resolution in the areas of romantic relationship/dating life which has been suffering ever since, they haven't been able to sleep in their room/having nightmares, they lost a job or friends, they've developed a new phobia (water, the dark), they have tried telling someone but it was invalidated/laughed off, they haven't told anyone or haven't told one significant person, etc."

The show is still in development.

If you are interested in the possibility of being cast on the show, please post here.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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