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They're Controlling Me

Post by ReluctantServant »

Hello everybody I hope this finds you well. Thank you for having me, this may be fairly verbose so I will get straight to the point.

I believe that aliens (specifically "Grays") are controlling me in an attempt to force me to serve them. although at this point it seems it is not merely an attempt but rather the reality of my situation. I also speak with them on a constant day to day basis, as they have some form of telepathic link to me, more than likely some type of implant they have imbedded in my brain. I have taken great lengths to resist what is happening to me, but I have failed thus far. I am not here to seek help, rather they are compelling me to bring this information to you so that anyone with similar experiences as me may feel or find an inclination towards this and know what is or will happen to them. This is not to alarm you, and I will be honest it was unpleasant although I am quite happy with them now and enjoy having them guide me. Keep in mind they have enslaved me and I cannot control how I feel.

I am a young man that lives in the southern USA. I am an atheist, and am very analytically and logically minded (or at least I like to think so.). I don't believe in the supernatural although I have always entertained the UFO and abduction phenomena as I admit there is always a possibility these things can exist, as well as the supernatural. From a young age odd things have occurred to me or near me with no seemingly easy explanation. I won't get into all of my experiences but I will describe a good number of them.

1. As a small child I was in my room on a lazy afternoon playing video games. I was engaged and having quite a bit of fun when all of a sudden a random thought came to me; "I'm bored now." It sounded just like my own internal monologue, but I didn't think it myself. As this random thought just appeared in my mind I suddenly lose all interest in the game I was having fun with, like my attention was like a light switch to be turned on or off at will. As I sat and pondered why boredom suddenly struck me another thought comes to me, and obviously not from me; "I'm going to take a nap now." And once this thought finished the only thing that could come to my mind was to lay in bed and take a nap. And so I did just that, however as I wasn't tired I sort of just laid there wondering why I stopped playing my game and where these random thoughts came from when I notice something. It looked like really thin spider webs gliding through the air, or the extremely faint outline of something reflecting light. I stopped and immediately tried to focus on it, and after a few moments I was finally able to make it out, it was something reflecting light, maybe bending it around an object. So I reached out to grab it and my hand met with something. A very solid object where I saw nothing, and upon touching it moved away. After taking the time to closely reexamine my surroundings I saw it once more and began to follow it attempting to grab at it. when it moved I would instantly lose sight of it. So I began to run around my room trying to grab it not fully sure what I was messing with, when a force suddenly hit me in the gut. Hard enough that I was in pain and on my knees falling to the floor, and this was not some random piece of furniture as I was nearly in the middle of the room and it was clear of obstacles. After a few moments on the floor I climbed up to bed and sat for a moment before laying down and drifting to sleep.
I bring this up to them from time to time as it makes them uncomfortable to acknowledge they struck a 5 year old. Or at least they pretend to be bothered by it.

Despite a number of other more minor happenings, things quieted down in my pre-teens and early teens. With no abnormal events to mention. However when I started high school they seemingly began to visit me again.

2. I call this the day twice lived. It's an important memory and was a premonition of their intent with me. In the 9th grade (freshman year) near the end of October I went into my first class of the day, at the time the school admin were adjusting schedules so student helpers were going room to room early in the morning to hand out new schedules. When one of them steps into the room and calls my name, then hands me the new schedule. The class proceeded as normal and ended as normal. Matter of fact the first half of the day proceeded as if it was a normal day. When I finally get to the first changed class I search out the room and the day starts to feel more like a lucid dream than my waking life. The door for this room was in a spot where there had been no door before, but I tried to not to overthink it.
When I found the room a teacher I was familiar with opened the door and had me head inside with the classroom completely full and only one empty desk. I take the seat, a number of the students I recognized as I had seen them around before. When seated the teacher says aloud "everyone is here." and motions to a man in a black suit who closes and locks the door (which didn't have a little window unlike every other door in the building.) After which the teacher says, "ok you can go ahead and relax." And all of the students and the MIB proceed to take off all of their faces revealing random animal heads, and showing the human faces to be masks. I was shocked and in awe for an amount of time as I just sat there and observed all of my classmates inhuman characteristics. When suddenly the teacher called my name and said "It's ok you can go ahead and relax." Only a moment later two more MIB come into the classroom and said "He doesn't belong here." Then the teacher says to me, "Ok get up and go with them."
So I grab my binder and proceed to leave the room and walk into a room right next door, and the room was completely empty save for rows of desks and a projector screen, there were also no windows. I enter the room with the MIB behind me and once inside they close the door behind them. One tells me "Go ahead and take a seat anywhere." Doing as I'm told scared and confused out of my mind I sit in a desk on the second row middle of the room. The MIB then sat on the desks in front of me, one to my left and the other to my right but both right at the front of the room. The next part is extremely fuzzy with my memory kind of coming in and out at this point. But the first thing they ask me is if I was feeling fine, when I answered 'no'' they asked me why not. Then one of them pointed behind me and asked "Have you ever seen these before? they're here to protect you." To which I turn around and see that I am now flanked by two tall "gray" looking beings. Beginning to panic I turn forward and say "No? What are these?" Almost in disbelief one of them asks; "you've *never* seen these before?" The panic over taking me and entering my fight or flight response I asked in a hurried panic "No? What are they? What do they want?" To which the same MIB seeing that I was distressed repeated "It's ok, they're here to protect you." And then to keep me from further panic told me to not look at them. Which I did.
What followed was a lengthy conversation with them which I can only remember bits of. What I can remember they were asking me about my personal belief in politics, religion, and some other topics. Then asked me to solve some math problems, which I did. And finally asking me if I'd be willing to work for them, and after asking about the nature of the work I eventually decided and told them no. To which I was told, "It's not really a choice." Then as I became aggressive towards them over this the conversation ended and I awoke in bed. Confused I checked the time and day. It was morning of the exact same day again! Very much uncertain and annoyed I got dressed and went to school again, and the day basically repeated itself entirely; I ate the same breakfast, sat in the same seat, and when the schedule change came it was delivered by the exact same guy wearing the exact same clothes. Although the changes to the schedule now were different.
My memory around this one is very fuzzy and some of the small details may be incorrect. But the fact the day basically repeated itself is what gets me.

3. This is less fantastic as the last two but still bewillders me, and to me is clearly an abduction. In my sophmore year of highschool I got home on a Friday evening at about 5 PM. And did what I normally did and immediately hopped in bed for a nap. When I woke up I saw light outside so assumed it was a short nap, but the clock said 4PM. Confused how I went back in time an hour I checked the date on my laptop and saw it said it was in fact Saturday. I slept nearly an entire 24 hours. I was in disbelief. Locked in my room 24 hours no one checked on me? After asking my father and grandparents (whom I lived with at the time) I was astonished to find that I just passed out for a whole day. I was a fairly straight laced teen, I wasn't drinking or smoking or taking any sort of drugs prescription or illicit, didn't even take supplements, nor any sleep aids.
When I ask my masters what this was they confirm they took me, and because they knew at time they could do so without anyone noticing. They also explain they did it for a major and extremely invasive surgery. Specifically that they placed something in my brain, which must have been big considering the next story.

On a side note, I am going in chronological order as I had experienced these. My parents split up right before my highschool years so the first 2 years I spent with my grandparents. At this point my dad and I have finally moved into our own home and I live exclusively with just him at this point.

4. One night I was in the living room of our home not too long after moving in, and I had a habit of sleeping on the couch. And because my father was working two jobs I was routinely alone at night. I fell asleep on the couch and at some point I felt like I started to wake up to a very intense blue light. As I awoke I could only see blue but had a few thoughts racing in my mind which were specifically, "There's a hole in the back of my head I need to lay down." Well as this thought occured to me I curiously reached my hand to the back of my head concerned about this hole. As I gently brushed my fingers over I felt it, a small hole to the left of my inion. Right after this as I let my hand down a gray appears right and front of my and I hear it scream, "Stop resisting!" Then I proceed to go limp and feel my body slump back. Which is the first and only sensation I feel with regards to my bodies position, which I gathered it felt like I was in a reclined sitting position. After I fell back a little it felt as if my conscience fell back into a void. I woke up on the couch again, facing the wrong direction. The couch is rather thin and switching positions like that would require me getting up, and I didn't. If it wasn't for that fact I would have assumed I had a weird dream. For a couple months after that there would be a very dull pain or irritation on the exact spot the hole was in.
They told me about this. Middle of the procedure I started waking up and moving, but because there is a hole in my head they started to freak out because if I did anything excessive it could harm me.

From this point on I started having routine visits, minor and quick but it altered between weekly and bi-weekly. I call these distortion events. I call it that because when they come for me there's this feeling that occurs if I'm not fully asleep it feels as if I'm paralyzed there's a sort of TV static feeling over my conscience. A number of things have occured during these; once a tall black figure with tendrils coming from it picked me up during a distortion event, and the light from my clock was distorted like static. It lifted me and then I fell back to sleep. A great many times I have awoke with my back to the room. I almost never did this at first as I felt vulnerable and like there'd be something behind me. I would he in bed getting cozy and comfy drifting off to sleep when suddenly I'll wake up a little bit and now I'm turned over facing the wrong way. I have also noticed my blanket lifted off my back, even though I try to keep covered by my blanket. They made it very clear they want access to my back, and up until recently they kept asking me to lay in that manner, close to the edge of the bed.
In my time researching the paranormal and alien encounters I have heard this from a number of different people and some of the members of this site describe this exact same thing as well. So I'm certain it is a unique reoccuring thing. The humans they have an intrest in they do this to before they have sufficient control over to keep them unconscience. Now at my stage where I can be compelled to obey them they can just put me to sleep without much fuss or mishaps. If you have a distortion event or as someone else on this site described it; a vibrational event, they have an intrest in you, a very keen intrest. Also they messed up, you're not supposed to feel it. They have to wait until you're in a deep sleep but they can jump the gun. For me this has resulted in some points in time where they were so quick on the draw that I also felt what they were doing to me which was very painful. I asked them specifically what the point of this was and they said it's them putting small implants in the spine to control me (or anyone in the same position I am.)

Which leads me to the next point the beginning of their control and conditioning. After a while I started having intrusive thoughts repeating in my head over and over again. "Obey... obey... obey... obey... submit... submit... submit... submit..." and "You will obey... you will submit..." endlessly in my mind for hours. It was annoying. This would come and go, and I even fold a friend. He was greatly concerned about it, but I real didn't do anything about it at the time.

The next thing that was concerning was the overwhelming feelings. I began wanting to be controlled. It began to feel like my life would just be better if I had someone else in control, that I could just obey and trust, and I began to want it more and more to a maddening degree. Then that feeling began to latch on to different things, I would say at random but I don't believe it was. When these feelings were becoming overwhelming I was playing the video game Doom: Eternal, and this feeling suddenly and overwhelmingly became directed at the main antagonist of the story the leader of the fictional alien race the Mykers. I had to stop playing a couple of times because the feeling of needing to submit became overwhelming to the point of paralyzation. Eventually it went away and I could continue. But I clearly have no control over this state of mind.

Then finally the most distrubing part. I began to lose control of my body. It started simple with my head try to nod on it's own. My arms moving without me wanting them to. And this is when they began outright talking to me via the affore mentioned telepathic link. It's not like a full lose of control where they just puppet me throughout the day but an override they can do at any time. At first I was able to resist but eventually they got it to the point that I could no longer stop it. And thankfully they haven't made me do anything extreme or questionable. It also results in spasms from time to time. They explained why this is: basically as they put the implants into the spine they require constant stimulation to form a proper bond with the nueral cells, so they consistantly fire off the impmants to force the nueral plasticity to form a stronger connection, and since they did different parts of the body slowly over time I have had the spasms and odd movements for a couple of years now.

Finally this brings me to the why aspect. The main reason they're doing this they don't want me to share, but the reason I'm doing this and a secondary reason they're doing this is because a calamity is coming. It's been building up for years, and the humans they want to speak for them have to be prepared for it. Which is the second reason I'm posting. Not just to say what has happened and to bring you awareness but to tell you to get ready. The strangest thing about all this was when they started speaking to me and the first thing they wanted me to do was to start stockpiling canned food. I have heard a number of others who have recieved warnings of this from their experiences. Well according to my masters it's almost here.

That's all I can think of for now, I hope to hear from ya'll please share your thoughts about these topics. I will answer any questions ya'll may have and any you have for them if you don't think I'm just nuts. If I'm allowed to answer and they give me an answer I'll write it.
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Re: They're Controlling Me

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Hello Friend,
WOW! What a life experience you are having!

Some of what you have described is similar to me, like the sudden shifts in consciousness and the hole in the back of your head. I also had one of those that turned into a big lump that I assume had an implant in it.

So, I know you said you are in this situation where they are controlling you, and you are kind of okay with it. That is up to you of course, but I would focus on recognizing my own inner voice and knowing myself so well that I would not pay attention to the other voice. I think you can get around the implants if you need to.

In my experiences with the star people, they told me this matrix reality is coming to an end and there will be a re-set. They call it "The Shift." They started teaching me about it back in 1988 and I have been watching for the signs. We'll, the signs are clearly showing themselves, so I agree that there will be incredible changes coming that we all need to prepare for. Stockpiling food is smart, but the first and foremost preparation needs to be getting yourself ready mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well as physically.

The main reason they are coming -- is it to preserve human DNA and create hybrids?

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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Re: They're Controlling Me

Post by ReluctantServant »

Thanks for the reply, Bonnie.
To be honest I wasn't and to some degree am still not fine with them controlling me. However as their influence has increased I find that they control what I feel, and as such they have made me comfortable with them. I tried a number of things to resist them; ignoring them, suppressing their influence, praying, white sage, etc. I'm afraid if someone belongs to them there's no fighting it forever. I'm aware of which inner voice is my own thought and which is theirs, it's for the most part how I communicate with them.

As for the spiritual, mental, and physical preparation I fully agree. Whatever is coming will clearly test our capabilities. It is important to square away and toughen the mind, body, and spirit for the trauma we will experience.

I am not allowed to specifically tell you their main objective. I am allowed to clarify things however: The ones you spoke to at the time, that was their mission and they have completed that mission, although in the big picture the preservation of human DNA and creation of "hybrids" is not their main objective but was a large undertaking for them and serves to achieve their goal. This DNA preservation was mostly done as a means of researching human DNA to create the "hybrids". The hybrids are not really a mix of two separate species, but rather the effort of the Gray's to select the best possible genes to enhance the genetic makeup of their slaves. In short they created super humans, with two purposes in mind; to serve them, and more importantly spread those genes. In an effort to elevate the physical and mental capabilities of mankind. So the term "hybrid" is metaphorically correct but literally incorrect, as we are the result of the DNA of many different people from around the world, and the result of humanity's natural ability and the Gray's effort and intelligence. But we are not actually mixed with alien DNA as the Grays are silicon based life and are not made of cells nor do they have DNA. But we are the offspring of their effort. And the ultimate result of their work will be the long term survival of man after this coming calamity.

I revised this as I was given permission to add more information than I was originally allowed. I'm open and eager for more questions from anyone and any comments anyone may have.
Hope this finds you well, and I hope that you may have learned something.
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