UFO Paper (Vallee/Jung orientated)

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UFO Paper (Vallee/Jung orientated)

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I have written a 10,000+ word paper (49 pages). It is aimed at people who feel a need to integrate their close encounter/abduction experience into their psyche. Given need to pay bills I am charging $8 for it. Please get in-touch with me here or by email if interested. My email address is paulbudding@yahoo.co.uk

I will be writing a follow-up paper to this later in the year.

I am posting some free content from the paper here:


And our deep unconscious is already characterised by timelessness/spacelessness but has been culturally repressed due to consciousness creating the experience of physical changes and linear time.

My field is Depth Psychology. But as a human my ultimate passion concerns the ultimate nature of reality. And I realize that the UFO Phenomenon is prodding away at us 21st century humans, telling us that it is undeniably a real phenomenon. Hence, combining my interests I seek to be ethical and help those most impacted by the UFO Phenomenon to integrate their experience into their psyche.

I regard the UFO Phenomenon as a secondary interest, something is excellent supporting evidence of a wider, more whole nature of reality. That is why Vallee is interested in UFOs. That is why Jung was interested in UFO’s. And why Jung was interested in Synchronicity, Precognition, Telepathy, and the Near Death Experience (NDE). All of those things prod us. The prodding is telling us that our science is radically incomplete.

But as I thought and wrote about such things… I still felt incomplete myself. The reason was... ethical. I have not experienced a close encounter or an alien abduction and yet I was mildly frustrated about the incompleteness of our modern western worldview. So I thought to myself, think about how those who experience the close encounter or abduction must feel… a million times worse! Hence, no longer am I writing just for myself. I am now applying my knowledge to try and help those who feel what I feel multiplied by a million.

As you read this paper keep in-mind the following:

When I refer to ‘Science 1’ that means physical changes, causality or cause and effect, space and time.

When I refer to ‘Science 2’ that means the deep unconscious, timelessness, spacelessness (or time and space as a creation of consciousness but ultimately an illusion), thus the reality of precognition or foreknowledge.

My primary field is Jungian Depth Psychology. I am a former member of the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS). I have previously discussed UFO’s from a Jungian perspective on the Paracast Radio Show: www.theparacast.com/https://www.theparacast.com/

I was the editor of an online magazine House M.D. Professional Magazine. I reviewed the book House: The Wounded Healer on Television: Jungian and Post-Jungian Reflections. My review is quoted by one of the writers of one of the chapters, see here: christopherhauke.com/?p=199). And I have helped people with anxiety primarily (albeit not entirely) in an online capacity.

The UFO Researcher that I am most in agreement with is Jacques Vallee. Vallee is meticulous in his scientific approach, gathering endless data, seeing patterns in the data, and then simply outlining it for all to see. Hence, he talks about the clear physical evidence (e.g., traces left by UFO’s on the ground, UFO’s tracked by radar, and physical symptoms in those whose proximity is too close to a UFO, e.g., nausea, hair loss, headaches, burns). Vallee is well aware of the signatures of the UFO itself (e.g., appearing on the spot, zig-zag movements, blinking out of existence). And he is aware that such a signature has been seen for as long as humans have been around to witness it. Vallee is also aware of the close encounter witnesses general disorientation and their specific experience of distortion of space and time: i.e, frequently the witness or abductee suddenly finds him or herself, e.g., a mile away from where they were a second ago and e.g., 40 minutes ahead of what the time was a second ago. Taking the individuals experience of time-distortion and putting it together with the time and space distorting signatures of the UFO craft, we see double evidence for spacetime distortion. Time and Space distortion is seen in the way the UFO operates, and its seen in the very personal impact onto the unfortunate witness who gets too close up to the UFO.

In Part 1 of this paper we, with the help of Carl Jung, discuss the nature of reality. Then in part 2, with the help of Jacques Vallee and his co-author, Chris Aubeck, we discuss the universal (cross-cultural and going back millennia) experience of outstanding UFO sightings. I deliberately select 40 of their cases that demonstrate UFO intelligence, i.e., lights that unite and divide.

Throughout this paper also keep-in-mind that although this paper can be read by anyone with an interest in UFO’s… those who will get the most out of it are those who have experienced a close encounter or abduction. However, it is not being claimed that those experiencing Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD) can be helped by accepting the expanded worldview outlined in this paper. Hence, to be precise, the rationale being outlined here is aimed at those experiencing a more moderate conflict neurosis between their everyday experience and their close encounter or abduction. In other words, what is being said throughout this document, is best suited to those who have a nagging issue in their mind that they cannot integrate. That is of course, clearly milder than PTSD. Nor is it being claimed that reading this will equate to ‘job done’, nagging feeling gone. But it’s a start concerning familiarizing oneself with the deep unconscious… as it is in the deep unconscious that timelessness and spacelessness are naturally understood. Whereas its consciousness that creates our experience of physical change, and experience of linear time. So I think that reading this essay will give you the tools, and the belief that you can deal with what happened to you. The word I use is ‘integrate’ as in… integrate it into your psyche. You will be able to dilute the conflict feeling.

We can only integrate experiences that we previously considered to be ‘impossible’ by articulating a wider reality than the narrow and unethical one of contemporary scientific materialism. Thus the experiences are newly considered ‘possible’. The current dominant paradigm does nothing for the individual who has experienced anomalous phenomena. Scientific paradigms concerning the nature of reality have always been too narrow. Humans used to believe that the Earth was at the center of the universe, that the sun went round the earth, that the earth was flat etc. Well, now we know more. And there are those of us out there who realize that the nature of reality is far more expansive than mere science 1. Remember Science 2 equates to the deep unconscious, timelessness, spacelessness (or time and space as a creation of consciousness but ultimately an illusion), thus the reality of precognition or foreknowledge. That is what we will focus on in Part 1 of this paper.

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