Alien or spirit

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Alien or spirit

Post by Marie »

I have been looking for answers about dreams of small hooded entity, where I seem to be awake yet paralyzed with just my eyes moving and watching it. I also have something try and take me up through the roof of my house. In my head i am always told to pray then seem to wake up. I went onto a paranormal forum who said it sounds like an evil entity or spirit. I remember as a child of around 7 and hearing a whooping sound above the house. I went out and had a look and heard something zip up but saw nothing. Since then hundreds of dreams. Even one telling me I had alien DNA and was what the hell?? I had a dream where I saw them in there craft outside my bedroom window. They told me , in my head to turn on the stereo so that i could hear them. I said no, I was too scared. The next day, on the news, sightings were reported in the country side. I can go on but, what is making the noises in my house? Ghost or alien? Whats trying to take me up through the roof? And what is telling me to pray? I am not a religious person and always try to recite the lords pray tho I never know the ending, but it seems to work. I am a nurse. I think I am sane tho question my sanity when I hear things that my husband cant and see things. Also when I'm stressed, BP machines turn off and light bulbs pop!

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Re: Alien or spirit

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Hi Marie,
I have had some experience with the hooded beings. They could actually be different types of star people/aliens. You said,"I had a dream where I saw them in there craft outside my bedroom window."

Did you get to see any of the beings? Do you have any clue what they look like?

I have had experiences with a variety of beings wearing black or brown hooded robes. The hoods are big enough to cover their faces really well. But I have seen some of them remove their hoods. I have seen small greys wear them, a brown-skinned frog-like being, and the tall white ones that I feel connected to. And, of course, there are demons that wear them too.

So the only way to know for sure is to look at all your evidence. You said that something tried to take you up through the roof of your house. How did this happen? Can you explain it in more detail?

I really don' t know who would be telling you to pray. Was it your higher self or a voice from outside? I have had the star people speak to me telepathically, inside my head before. It wasn't a blatant or very obvious was more like a thought that popped up in my head that was not mine.

"Whooping and Zipping" are most definitely star people sounds.


A contactee friend of mine drew this image of a lady star person wearing a hooded robe. He writes, "I remember that the room was extremely cold and that there were at least two beings already in this room, one of which seemed to be higher up than the rest and female. This being wore a robe and was about half a foot taller than her companions." After that, he went through a rather intensive, invasive physical procedure. You can read his story here:

He also drew this meeting of various alien species he was with aboard a craft. You can see that some of them are wearing hooded robes.


Marie, you are not alone in this, for sure. There are lots of people having these types of paranormal experiences...we're just trying to figure it out together.

Welcome to the forum!
Many Blessings, Bonnie
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