How to avoid abduction

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How to avoid abduction

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Look i'm being abducted alot i already know without hypnosis/regression and the other stuff you need. I have no clue if this is something physical or something interdimensional. I have shards of memories of beings, dreams of being hypnotized from distances and walking outside flying through windows ( open ). I also had a morning where i found a brown substance on my carpet which wasn't there before which seemed to evaporate shortly after. Scar tissues and so on ( nosebleeds ). I get the impression they plant behaviour or ideas in my head which i hypnotically follow. Anti-psychotics somehwat seem to influence this but still doesn't really help and feel like placebo in general.

How do i avoid from being abducted? will i be abducted in prison or in a mental asylum ? I tried taking substances but that doesn't work rather it increases the amount of abductions ( probably make me easy target ) . I found out the abductions are highly astrological or as in frequency changes with certain times ( full moon etc )

What can i do ? i tried barricading my door but it didn't help


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Re: How to avoid abduction

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Hello Friend,
I am so sorry for this late reply, but I am just seeing your post for the first time! I am sorry you are having so much trouble with alien abduction. For the most part, the abduction is most likely interdimensional. One thing you can do to stop the abductions is to mentally shield yourself. I made a meditation called Grounding, Centering, and Shielding. This is the link to the audio file. It will teach you how to shield yourself.

Another way to stop alien abduction is to record your dreams and experiences every morning when you wake up. By doing this, you will create your own dream journal that will show you exactly what is happening during the night. You will become more aware in your dreams and experiences and this will enable you to take control of the situation. Becoming aware during the abductions is very important; instead of going through it in an unconscious state, you will be able to see everything. Then you will find your inner strength and stand up for yourself. I know because I have done it myself.

You have the ability to stop the abductions yourself. You just need to shield yourself so you are protected at night before you go to sleep. Then try to become conscious in your abduction experience. One way is to focus on one thing, perhaps your own hand (since it is always right there). Train your brain to remember to look at your hand during your dream or experience. This makes you more conscious in the moment. It makes you aware of where you are and then you have the opportunity to stand up for yourself. And when you come out of this state/experience, write down what happened. It helps so much to look back on it later.

Another way to stop alien abduction is to fill your heart with love and light. For many years, when I was younger, I dealt with some negative abductions and psychic attack from aliens and also government agents. For a long time, I fought them. Until I realized that if I simply filled my heart with love, they could not touch me. They have no way to overcome love; they do not understand it, it is the most powerful force there is. Instead of fighting, I would drop my defenses, let my arms rest at my sides, and smile. This would really confuse the attacker and it would literally change their vibrational frequency to one of love. And then the fight was over.

No drug is going to fix it, and it does not matter where you are. You are the answer to this problem; it is up to you to find your inner strength and overcome this problem.

I am here to help, so please feel free to write again.
Many Blessings, Bonnie
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