Motherships that can send out probes above the Earth

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Motherships that can send out probes above the Earth

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The Pentagon's UFO Chief has publicly announced that there could very well be giant Motherships floating above the earth. He even went on to say that these Motherships could potentially send out probes to investigate the Earth. ... -possible/

Since when does the Pentagon or U.S. military personnel speak about UFOs so openly? Since the controllers decided to start up their Project Blue Beam agenda!!

Of course there are already "aliens" here. They are the reptilians who have been controlling human society.

The controllers are ready to start up the big holographic show in the sky and openly use new technology that we have never seen before. They want this "alien invasion" to be believeable.

Check out this blog post and video about Project Blue Beam:

Project Blue Beam has 4 steps:

1. Artificially Created Earthquakes and fake “discoveries” of Planted Artifacts to make people believe their religion was wrong.
2. Space Show in the sky; simulated Apocalypse and introduction of New “Messiah” who will be the anti-Christ to head the NWO religion.
3. Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication: ELF, VLF, LF waves penetrate the mind so “god” can speak directly to you.
4. Fake Alien Invasion/ False Christian Rapture/ Demons entering homes through electronic devices/phasing out of CASH/ END of Independence
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