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Alien Abduction Help/AwakenVideo LIVESTREAM

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Greetings Alien Abduction Help Community!

This is a note from Bonnie Jean Mitchell. You are invited to join me and my husband John for our very first Livestream on June 30th at 7pm EDT. The stream will be broadcast from Rumble and Awakenvideo.

Bonnie and John will Live Stream a lifetime of mind control research, magic, and spiritual awakening knowledge every Friday at 6 p.m. EST.

We will discuss everything from alien encounters to shifting into the next dimension and the coming collapse of the physical realm. It is time to go inward, put up a strong shield, and prepare for big changes. We feel it is time to reach as many people as possible to help everyone prepare for what is coming. Please join us for a mind expanding conversation.

Rumble link:

Locals link:

Many Blessings! Bonnie
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