Sleep Paralysis, or Real Encounter?

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Sleep Paralysis, or Real Encounter?

Post by Johnno1234 »

About 15 years ago, when I was roughly 18 years old, I had a strange nighttime experience which all these years later I am yet to fully reconcile.

At this point I feel I should add that I was not under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, and it had been a completely normal night in at my parents house, where I lived at the time. I am not really one for believing in conspiracy theories, ghosts, alien abductions etc. and I prefer to make my own decisions based on what I read and experience in life. I subsequently became a police officer and passed numerous psychometric tests to do so, and this is one of VERY few experiences in my life that I truly cannot explain.

My memory of the event goes like this: I was in a deep sleep in the dead of the night, 3am-ish, when all of a sudden my eyes opened for what felt like no reason. It was pitch black outside but I never used to close my curtains so there was a small amount of ambient light. My vision was inhibited slightly; the best way I can describe it would be “pixelated” around the edges, and fuzzy like when you stand up too quickly. I was laying on my side, facing into the room, and I couldn’t move any part of my body other than my eyes. I looked downwards to the opposite corner of the room, and to my complete and utter disbelief, shock, and fear, there was a small grey figure stood completely still, staring at me through the near-complete darkness. It was approximately 4 foot tall, appeared to be light grey in colour, and had huge black eyes that formed most of it’s face. It had no visible nose or or other features, other than for a brief moment where it made an “O” shape with a small black mouth with no lips. I had a strong urge to get away and out of the room, but it took all my strength just to roll forwards and flop onto the floor. I managed to crawl/drag myself along the side of the bed, eventually reaching the door at the foot of the bed. I remember reaching up, grabbing the door handle which opened slightly, and using that as leverage to pull my other arm up to turn on the bedroom light. I have no further memory of the event, and woke up around 6 hours later, in bed, but with the door ajar and the light on.

I’ve had no further experiences and a large part of me thinks I suffered some sort of waking sleep paralysis mixed with a nightmare, however I am interested to know if there are any similar experiences people have had.

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Re: Sleep Paralysis, or Real Encounter?

Post by guldage »

Sounds like something that has happened to me since early childhood. always with the grey little being and unpleasant bruises and weird marks on my body the next day. even had burns on my body that the doc described as sunburns, only they over night and mid vinter in Scandinavia.
That can not be explained by just sleep paralyzes because the body marks come into it. also ones I had this happened and had a dream of giving birth to the half human half weird alien looking child and when I woke again huge amount of fluid came out of me, like water broke given birth.
Only have seen this amount of water coming out of me with the birth of my kids.

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