my re awakening experience.

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my re awakening experience.

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hello again world and a special hello to Bonnie the administrator who is very helpful with her wisdom on these paranormal topics.

I want to share what is perhaps the third physical experience that I had, I didn't share it on my first post because I was excitingly focused on it due to the similarities it had with the posts of other members on this forum.

This experience was very vivid, very physical and very incredible. It was the most bizarre experience since my blankets were physically pulled off of me. And what made it even more interesting is that there were 2 other people present when this occurred. it happened about 8 years ago, and I can say thinking back is that my experiences are getting more interesting and real as time has gone by in my life. perhaps something more is going to happen in the near future?

I was visiting my cousin and his girlfriend, we were planning to have a dinner/movie night at his house. I wasn't planning on spending the night there but we were having a good time catching up and talking family things etc. My cousin kindly told me it was ok if wanted to sleep over since it was late and since I was on vacation at the time i agreed to sleep over. we were in his bedroom there was a couch bed there for me to sleep, so it was the 3 of us in the room. Right before it happened we were talking, he was on his bed with his girlfriend and i was on the couch. the lights were turned off. Right in the middle of our conversation we heard a loud glass crack, then we heard a second glass crack this one came from the living room right next to our bed. both within 2-3 seconds of each other. his girlfriend started panicking and we immediately suspected someone had broken into the house.

my cousin grabbed a steel hammer that was in his room, and i cautiously followed behind him to the living room where the glass cracking sounds came from. my cousin yelled "whos there?!" in a very loud and mad tone. no response. when we didn't hear any sounds we continued walking and turned on the living room light. nothing was there, but we did feel a strange energy sensation. when we looked at the roof of the living room, we saw that the glass ventilation window there had been cracked. this glass window is about 4-5 inches thick and protected by metal bars. it was cracked in half but it didn't shatter. we kept inspecting the living room looking for the other crack sound we had heard. and we noticed the wall clock was also cracked and the time had stopped at 12.00 midnight. the crack appeared to be an X sign or cross. we were obviously asking ourselves what the hell was that. all i could think of is that it had been and energy being that had caused that because its impossible for any biological life form to have done such a thing.

that night i didn't get paralyzed or had any weird dreams. which makes me think that what ever was there had left the house instead of coming in. or who knows? we did go out the house to see for any signs but nothing was there, just absolute darkness. has anyone had such experience?

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Re: my re awakening experience.

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Hi Geminix,
Wow! Both the thick glass on the ventilation window and the glass on the clock cracked.... That is pretty amazing. Something or someone had to cause the glass to crack. It could have been any kind of entity or energy. It may or may not have anything to do with star people/aliens. It could have been strong energy from a ghost or spirit. It's hard to say unless you have any other kind of evidence.

Of course, it might have been some type of frequency pulse from military technology, but you would probably have had other symptoms. You would have felt it in your body. And most likely other things would have broken.

I have never had an experience quite like that, although I have experienced the energy fields of spirits lurking around houses before. Some of them were very strong and some others not. that I am thinking of it, I did have an experience one night while I was asleep in bed. At that time, I was living in a house that I knew for sure was haunted. I felt the energy of at least one spirit who was always there. I used to speak to it, because I knew it was there, but it did not have the greatest, most friendly energy. So, one night while I was sleeping, a rather large painting that was in a glass frame "fell" to the floor just outside my bedroom, in the hallway, and the glass shattered everywhere. It woke me abruptly and sent a shockwave right through my body. I knew it was the ghost who did it. It was done in a frightening way...forcefully and violently. It was not much longer until I moved out of that house.

Do you know if your cousin experienced any other weird things at his house?

Yes, I would expect that you will definitely have more experiences, no doubt. They will most likely continue throughout your life. If you are open to seeing things, then you will see them.

Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad that I am helpful! :D
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