Flashes of lights in the sky

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Flashes of lights in the sky

Post by RushingSpirit »

Good morning, has anyone ever seen what can only be explained as camera flashes in the skies above the house? it happens pretty frequently to me. I will be observing the sky above my house, and all of a sudden I will see bright flashes of a light that looks like a camera flashing. Once it was 2 orbs with a small black thing in the middle of them keeping them together. It flashed twice in the same place within 10 secs. It is way to big to be a plane, there is no "noise" with these experiences. Yesterday morning, it happened in a different area of the sky, flashed 3 times one "bulb". Then they are gone. I have no way to express the sizes because they are different every time. But the one thing I can say is they can be as small as a star in the sky and could be as large as a basketball. Is the only way to describe it. If they are not UFO's then what the heck are they?
I have also had an experience at night where my hand was bitten by a cougar, long story. When it was actually a needle. Now where it went in there is a continuous pain. When I woke up right after that. I felt the fluid start traveling up my arm.
I have lots & lots of experiences.

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Re: Flashes of lights in the sky

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Hello Rushing Spirit,

Yes! My husband John and I have been seeing those flashes in the sky for a while now. Back in 2014, when we still lived in Indiana, USA, we always went out on our back deck at night to watch the sky. We had some night vision goggles then and we saw all kinds of unbelievable things flying around.

One thing we saw was a certain spot in the sky where a bright flash of white light would pulse from. And it stayed in the exact same spot for many nights in a row! We brought a laser light out to flash back every time the light flashed at us. It was flashing in response to us!

This spot in the sky was in the south, always in the same spot. With the night vision goggles, we could see that there was a central orb with many tiny orbs circling around it, seemingly going in and out of it!

Later in 2014 we moved to Uruguay, South America. After we got settled and moved in, we started sky watching again. We found the same exact spot in the sky, this time looking north, and there was the same flashing light! We found it to be really amazing.

But this is not the only spot that flashes. There are also what seems to be a number of craft flying around that randomly pulse light. Sometimes we see something flying, like an odd light, and it sends out a flash of light. Sometimes there is nothing to be seen except the flash itself, and it will flash two times, maybe more and then it is gone.

You said you were bitten by a "cougar" that turned out to be a needle. Yes, I have also had similar experiences. The star people/aliens use screen memories to cover up what is actually happening. They quite often use furry little creatures...sometimes cats, owls, deer, large cats like cougars, etc. I have been through it too. What I first see is an animal or something that is not what is truly there, and then I realize I was cut or was injected with something.

WOW! It is incredible that you could feel fluid traveling up your arm from the injection as you woke. You said you still have continuous pain there in that spot. How long ago did this happen?

There is so much we are just discovering about our own lives and the reality we live in.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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