Dream about shape-shifters

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Dream about shape-shifters

Post by Lilith »

Recently I had a couple of dreams which seemed to involve shape-shifters. In the first dream, I was sitting in a truck with my husband, talking, when I gained lucidity. I got very excited, looking out at the starry astral sky, but when I turned back to my husband, I was horrified to see one of his eyes blowing up like a balloon. His whole face was morphing, and suddenly it disappeared to reveal an entirely alien face. I felt this shocked sense of him being an imposter, and a danger to me, and made myself wake up. I believe the alien was mantis-like in appearance

In the other dream, I was in a log cabin with two Native American men, one older one younger. What I most remember is that when I stared at their faces, they would run like watercolors, and they would have to leave to fix their features. It was notably strange.

I do always have a couple of lookers-on/companions in my dream and I do think some sort of alien is masquerading in my dreams

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Re: Dream about shape-shifters

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Hi Lilith,
Yes, imposters can definitely disguise themselves in our dreams and astral, out-of-body experiences. I have had a number of star people/aliens do this. Usually, in the experience, I will be sitting next to someone talking to them, thinking they are a family member or one of my close friends. Then I stop and get a good look at their face and I feel their energy and I realize, "Hey! You're not who I thought you were!" And either I will immediately see two bright white flashes of light and begin to feel paralyzed as my conscious shifts (so they can slip away), or their disguise will fall away and I will see them for who they really are.

I have met with star people before where they are disguising their true form. I am aware of it and I openly ask them, "Why do you look like that?" And they might say something like, "Because we don't want to scare you." Then I reply, "You won't scare me. Please turn into your true form." And then they do and I can clearly see they are the star people I thought they were.

There are most definitely shape-shifters in this world and on the astral and etheric planes...they can be anywhere. They live on earth with us and we probably see them all the time. Well, especially on the television...many news anchors and other famous people may actually be reptilians disguised as humans. This is a real problem for mainstream society because the majority of people think these people are genuine and real, but they are really imposters who control society for their own ends.

You have to be aware to see the truth. Good job on seeing through their disguises!
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