My encounters..

experiences with otherworldly beings

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My encounters..

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Hello, new here. Thank you for the chance to share my story.

Things were more than a little strange in the year before the sightings took place. I was regularly having nightmarish dreams of large eyed beings, I found a crescent shaped depression in the ground outside of my bedroom window, there was a lingering feeling that I was being watched and in my gut I knew that something was off without really knowing why. I would tell myself that it was nothing more than happenstance and imagination, at least that is how I coped until it really got weird.

The following year, feburary, at home. It was late and I was getting ready for bed when a light had caught my attention from outside the window. It was settled behind the trees in a wooded area near my house. It was a dull orange and the odd thing about it was that it didn't illuminate the surrounding area like a latern or a floodlight would. Despite the unnatural appearance of the light I honestly didn't believe it was anything extraordinary. At the time I thought that there had to be a conventional explanation for it being there, perhaps someone wandered into the woods by mistake. I rushed outside determined to find out what I was seeing and nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. I made it halfway across my yard, everything was eeriely silent. The usual hum of distant trafic was absent as were the other sounds one hears outside in the country at night. The light shot up into the air towering abover the trees and I could clearly see that it was a brillant glowing sphere about the size of a car. The orb hovered overhead and split into two smaller orbs. Those two orbs were then the central lights on two triangular craft which seemed to materialize behind the lights as it's source. Smaller whitish lights began to lightup along the three points of each around eaches central orange light. These triangular black craft hovered above me only a few seconds before each shot off at impossible speed into the distance. One following the other and out of sight without making any sound what-so-ever. I stood there in disbelief and shock for the longest time. In days and weeks following that encounter I wasn't sure what to do with my experience. Who could I talk about this with and be taken seriously or not being labeled crazy? The thought had crossed my mind to report it to MUFON and other UFO reporting agencies but for whatever reason I didn't. I settled back into my day to day routines, the everyday problems of life were a welcome relief to me and soon I had pushed the lights from beyond far from my mind.

then they came back..

Four weeks later, I dreamt I was at the window again looking for the lights, this time though something was looking in from the other side of the glass panels. A creature more akin to a giant insect than anything humanoid. It's hand, if the twisted appendage could indeed be described as a hand, tapped rythmically along the glass. "TAP TAP TAP" like the methodical ticking of a clock. I awoke with a start covered in sweat and when I checked the time it read 7:44 P.M. Somehow I had slept over 20 hours. Something was not right. The groggy feeling was hard to shake as I rolled out of bed, my mind reeled with confusion and I entertained the thought that maybe I had been secretly drugged. I slowly stumbled out of my bedroom and passed by the window that I saw the lights from the month before and the being in my nightmare. The blinds were down and I probably should have left them that way but the compulsion to lift them was overwhelming. Out there in a field adjacent to the wooded area in plain view was a disk shaped craft sitting on the ground. Hovering above it was a brilliant golden sphere. It's shape would shift and waver, it's surface rippling from it's strange energy. I couldn't believe this was happening again. I'll never know why but I felt I had to go outside to take a closer look at it. Immediately as I exited the house my ears were assailed by extremely high pitched sounds that the craft was emitting and the air was thick with the smell of ozone. I didn't make it a few steps before fear began to nip at my knees and make them buckle. A being emerged from the darkness near the craft dressed in a silvery white suit, he was about 7 to 8 feet tall. Chalk white skin and very closely human in appearance. He stood there and seemed to be staring in my direction. At this point my heart was pounding into my ears and I felt like I was going to faint. I went back inside trying to calm down. My mind was racing with fear and thoughts of the worst. When I finally gathered enough courage to look outside again everything was gone like it was never there.

That was nearly 6 years ago and I'm still haunted by it. To date I haven't had anything as intense as the two encounters. For all my searching I'm still left with more questions than answers.

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Re: My encounters..

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Hello Cryss34,
Welcome to the Alien Abduction Help Forum. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. It is so helpful for others who are dealing with the same things.

WOW! What an incredible experience you had! Good job on recalling the details and describing it so well. First of all, please know that you are absolutely not alone. I have had similar experiences myself, throughout my entire life. So have millions of other people, most of whom are afraid to speak out.

I have seen the triangle shaped craft with 3 orange lights on each, like you described. I saw those flying over my house one night. I had walked out in the backyard and there they were silently flying over. One of my friends was with me. However, for me at the time, it was not so unusual because I had already had many metaphysical-type experiences already. They quietly flew over and were gone.

So, four weeks after you saw these craft, you saw the insectoid being outside your window. You said, "It's hand, if the twisted appendage could indeed be described as a hand, tapped rhythmically along the glass. "TAP TAP TAP" like the methodical ticking of a clock."

I have also seen these insect-like beings. And like many, many others, I have also heard the infamous TAP TAP TAP three times on the window. I think perhaps it is an announcement of their arrival and they are knocking on the window (or the portal) to alert you of their presence. It could also be some side effect of a movement of energy through dimensions.

Usually, when we interact with these beings, we are in some type of altered state, possibly Out-of-Body on the astral or etheric plane. Our minds can be fully awake and aware, but we are able to see these beings in the room with us or walk outside and see their ships in the sky. It can be confusing shifting in and out of different states of mind and dealing with the lights, the sounds, the entities, their craft, and all the bizarre other-worldly stuff that occurs during these visitations.

Of course, you can also see them and their ships while you are fully awake in your physical form but, for the majority of the time, we are in an altered state when interacting with them.

It is all real.

Please feel free to ask any questions you can think of. There is a lot to say, obviously.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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