Asteroid impact causing a tsunami

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Asteroid impact causing a tsunami

Post by Geoff »

There are some experiences that had effected me deeply, one is being shown a possible future event of an asteroid impact and tsunami. I have met people who had dreams about a similar event and out of curiosity I sometimes search online, I have come across YouTube videos and posts in forums, it doesn’t surprise me there are similar post on this forum.

When I was young and before I was aware that I was having encounters, I started to have recurring vivid dreams of the ocean rushing in from the coast. I used to live in Perth, Australia and the water would come from the coast to the hills, destroying the city and metro area.

A long time ago I started getting intense flashbacks with my eyes open, it was a difficult time and sought the help of a therapist who did regressions. During the regression and unsolicited I found myself in a room, a Grey was in front of me and part of the wall became a screen, I was shown an asteroid traveling through space and impacting in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Canary Islands. I was then looking down and seeing what looked like a ripple effect traveling around the earths oceans and affecting the land.

It got strange.. or stranger... because I was no longer viewing a screen, I was standing in the aftermath. The sky was darkened, the ground felt soggy and seemed to be covered by silt, there where no buildings etc, only silt and rubble. I remember saying it was a shame that it had come to this.

Then I was shown another world, it looked a lot like earth, blue sky, grass and trees etc. I could see human looking beings dressed in white, they reminded me of some of the human looking beings I had seen during some encounters. I was then asked were I would like to be afterwards, I remember thinking that our world looked a mess in comparison and it was an easy decision to make.

I have an unusual feeling about what happens afterwards, but I don’t know where it comes from. After quite a few years - human types will come to assist and to teach, some people who left will return with them.

I guess it’s understandable that there is a part of me that expects something is going to happen, but I also know things don’t always happen as expected. I think one of the reasons people are shown a possible future is a warning and to facilitate change, maybe some things are set. It’s always interesting to read what others have been shown...

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Re: Asteroid impact causing a tsunami

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Hi Geoff,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been shown the same types of visions by the star people. I never saw an asteroid, but I have definitely seen all the water getting sucked out before a tidal wave and a sick yet peaceful feeling of the world as we know it coming to an end. I used to dream about being on a peninsula and the water would rush in from both sides. I have been shown visions of huge catastrophic disasters including tsunamis, tornados, earthquakes, volcanos erupting, etc.

This is a fairly common report from contactees. Many of us have been shown "the disaster movies." Are they showing us the future or is it a warning of what could potentially happen if we don't change our ways? That's a great question. At this point, I think we are headed in that direction. I think it is all part of The Shift the star people have been teaching me about and helping me prepare for.

As we are waking up to our true nature, conscious awareness is on the rise. The old world is crumbling apart. The matrix system that was put in place -- the social structure, the controlled education system, organized religion, the banking system, the military...all of this is coming to an end. We could see incredible changes on the Earth plane, for sure. We are in the midst of an awakening and a change of worlds.

I was also in the aftermath. I was sitting in a pile of ruins and I was also pretty shocked about the little bit that remained. I was holding a stack of papers that I had managed to save. I realized that I would need to help people learn about the world and how to live the right way. I felt a lot of pressure to do a good job. It was intimidating, but I knew I could do it.

I have also traveled up into the sky, to the next plane above the Earth plane. I flew up there with a small group of psychic friends from the star people school. We flew upward into the blue sky, through a body of water, and into the next level above the Earth. I called it "The World of Bliss." It looked like Earth but beautiful and pristine. Some of my friends stayed there, but I chose to come back and help more people. I knew I had enough time to go back and forth about five times before the window closed.

Now I am watching as the signs are playing out in the world. We are definitely Shifting in every way. The visions the star people showed us are happening.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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