Doodling.. What if...

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Doodling.. What if...

Post by wings »

I am trying to figure out how anti gravity magnetic flight works. No one really has actual writings available. No books, etc. I know we know how it works in the government but they hide it. We had saucers in the late 1950's and early 60s flying at area 51 made by us. The Germans had Haunebu and Vril saucers flying during WWII and later.

The cool thing is there are tidbits available online on how the Haunebu flew and I have been trying to figure out how they did it.

So, in my usual way of working on concepts, I am creating a concept, a virtual idea on how it might function. I have started a stack of drawings and a book on notes on magnetics and ZPE (zero point energy). I watch these videos on YouTube on how Tesla coils work, etc. The saucers we had at area 51 had 3x 1 million volt capacitors (like batteries) to fly, lasted a short while, maybe 30 minutes, I dont know. But not having ZPE onboard, they couldnt fly long, where as the Germans developed ZPE and were flying long trips, supposedly able to stay aloft for 6 to 8 hours in the late 30's, to 2 weeks in the mid 40's. So its possible, and with WWII technology and equipment. That gives me hope.

I think the most important thing is the power unit, the ZPE collector. Zero Point is 'Quanta' or Quantum Energy. We have had people develop these in the past, but usually they get killed off, horrible deaths, probably by the oil companies, etc. But now, so many people (tons) are doing this, that its just not under control anymore. Also, they are finding its very easy to capture ZPE. You can capture ZPE in a glass of water via spinning a rotor in it and creating cavatation (bubbles). They found this new energy was there the entire time and we never saw it. Its everywhere.....

So... enter my own saucer program, the Proton, lol... I would like to get a small mockup to fly, like about 2 feet in diameter, about .75 of a meter. The hardest part will be the power source, the core. The Germans made a round sphere that rotated inside another sphere. I believe it was all three of these; Van De Graaff generator, Tesla coil, and Marconi vortex motor or dynamo. It is ingenious in simplicity. Then they scavanged the ZPE with coil collectors. From what I have read in several books, flight requires about (at least) 1 million volts of electricity. A Tesla can bump up a certain amount to thousands over that. But maybe its possible (as the Germans proved) to get it up to 1Mil plus.

Wouldnt it be cool to have a full size prototype that could fly, fly safely, no scary waiste (no atomics, no radiation)... How cool would that be. I was pondering a few months ago, how creating a ambulance vehicle, like a learjet without wings, and a bit more modern looking would be ideal for such a project. It could take a person to a far away hospital at 7,000 MPH, quietly, no sonic boom, land without all that wind and dust, no sound, only a hum, and get a person safely from a crash site (car accident, etc), and to a special hospital that would have fascilities that that person required ASAP. Such a craft would really be used these days. (I sit at hospitals often, family members are not well these days, going through some rough times. Seeing the helicopters land, I think about how cool it would be to have something like the Tall Whites have).

Back to the Proton, this would be a magnetic single gyro craft, about 60 feet in diameter, a 1 million volt ZPE core, a rotating interior to align with the direction of flight (they turn alot so this would account for that), and I have no idea about weight, yet. I have designed a few cars in the past and planes as concepts, but not this.... whewww... not a saucer, lol..

I want this Proton to be a very 'pure' shape, not a lot of things on the hull. I think some openings that can be closed would be needed to vent the heat from within (they get very hot) would be needed but would only open when needed. The hard part about something like this is that the middle is taken up by the core, so you have a ring inside that is a at an angle on the roof, wedged. SO not a lot of room.

Landing gear is a big issue. I would want something that could land hard and have big springs in them so it could land softly, but also to be able to 'sit down' so you can easily get in it. With landing gear, you could work on the belly, on systems that are under the floor (inside). But with the gyro being in the belly, its tight for room on legs. They would have to be very thin. Big issue. Just landing on the belly (like the Sport saucer at Area 51 or S4) would probably be best, but afraid if you landed in the desert, a rock would dent the belly, etc. It would be cool if it could land on legs, then the legs fold slowly up and the craft sits down on the ground, then you just exit the craft, walking straight out.

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Re: Doodling.. What if...

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Hi Wings,
I hope you figure out how to build "The Proton" !
If it's any help to you, I think we are living inside a big Tesla ball.
John and I have been studying the Flat Earth Theory and it looks like it's true: the Earth is not a spinning ball but a stationary flat plane. All the evidence points to it...and if that is true, then there actually is no such thing as gravity. Gravity wouldn't be needed because everything is just sitting on a flat plane; nobody's gonna go flying off. Perhaps everything is about electricity and magnetism.

We have a group of videos about The Flat Earth here:
Hidden Knowledge Every Person Should Know: AWAKENVIDEO.ORG

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Re: Doodling.. What if...

Post by wings »

Thanks Bonnie. I would be massively happy with just learning exactly how anti-gravity works and making a flying model.

I heard a pre-radio video of two gentlemen this morning who have interesting stories of anti-gravity. He worked at nasa (cough) and said that overnight, the administration destroyed all the drawings for the Atlas engines (Apollo program) and then had a couple of the ships destroyed. We have two left in museums. But they destroyed the ways for us to make more. Then he talked about how he received a document for being a share holder in this company, and they had just come out with an invention for anti-gravity and had these things flying around, like small demo objects that flew perfectly. He called the company wanting more info on them and they denied it existed, told him no document existed, etc, etc. Nothing came about.

Years ago, in the mid 1950's, the major aerospace groups were working on anti-gravity, and overnight, they all stopped. The entire industry 'went black'. Some were said to leave it alltogether. while some seemed to perhaps be working on it in ultra top secret. Its been black since, to this day.

So, someone or thing or something or group has shut down our space program (except for the shuttle and space station) and also shut down public knowledge of anti-gravity. People in the past were pestured by government agencies over working on AG.

So this isnt a great, shiny path. At least Israel is working very hard on anti-gravity. They want to make a public transportation system that hovers and doesnt need tracks, so the terrorists cannot blow it up. I hope they find out how it works soon.

Wouldnt it be cool to be able to get some parts together from a hardware store, put them together and you have a hovering anti-gravity device (that is safe and doesnt hurt people, etc)...

I hope all goes well on your theories that you and John are working on. I am tending to the round Earth theory myself.

I still find it difficult to believe there can be so many stars in one galaxy, but that the Universe has so many galaxies that they are like stars themselves in the Universe...

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