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Illustration of the big UFO.

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 5:39 am
by lucinda28
Hi again,

Thought I'd submit an illustration of a craft I saw in the largest UFO sighting I've had so far.

Two of us were sky watching, and after about a minute of trying to attract a craft, a large white light slowly came over the horizon.

The light drifted towards us until it was right above us, and hovered there. I panicked, and asked for it to dissapear as I didn't feel ready for an encounter that big.

Immediately after I asked this of it, it extinguished it's main spotlight out to reveal the lights underneath. Nothing on this ship was flashing- all the lights were stationary.
After the main light vanished, it's body faded invisible, leaving only the remaining lights in the sky. Those then dimmed out as well, until the entire thing appeared invisible (except for a faint outline)

It must of been about 2cm in the sky above us from where we stood. I don't believe it was 'huge' though- It may have been just quite low in the sky.

I've recently seen some small sky objects from the car- little lights flashing red and white/ just red, drifting around. I get a friendly and curious feeling from these little things.

Seeing this craft helped shape my belief in the ETs. Apparently sightings like this aren't uncommon and lots of people share my experience.

Re: Illustration of the big UFO.

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:49 pm
by Bonnie Jean Mitchell
Hi Lucinda,
Thanks so much for this illustration of the craft you saw. It is so amazing that you guys called it to you and watched it appear! My husband and I have been able to do the same thing, not all the time, but sometimes when we go out and ask to see them, they will actually appear!

I think it goes to show that they are around us all the time, we just can't see them all the time.