Dealing With Negative Entities

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Dealing With Negative Entities

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If negative ETs were to enter my bedroom, and I was not able to get rid of them in any other way, would it be worth it to try to physically fight them? Or would it be just a moot point? I realize that negative entities are quite strong, but I am a second-degree black belt and have won sparring matches with people (other humans of course) who were significantly larger than me due to my self-defense skills and quickness on my feet. In fact, even though I am 5'9", I nearly always would win matches against those who are relatively untrained even if they were much larger (e.g. had six inches plus of height on me and overall athletic body type). Even if I did not win outright, I generally was able to hold my own in matches. However, due to my skill and quickness on my feet, I would generally win by a long shot. I'm not saying any of this to brag or anything.

In fact, I try to avoid confrontation in my life with humans, and I have never been in any kind of fight aside from my matches and times that I was physically attacked when I was much younger (when I was a minor at the time) and even then did nothing more than I needed to do to defend myself and walk away. The best self-defense technique of all is usually doing your best to de-escalate a situation and walk away if possible rather than engaging in conflicts with others, let alone physical conflicts.

Anyways, extraterrestrials seem to be drawn to me. I have had contact with a blue race of beings that gave me a drug of some kind that has worked wonders on me over years. This substance was a powerful elixir of some kind that freed my mind. This substance affected my cognition and allowed me to see the reality of my life and who I am as a person. It was the most beautiful experience of my life. I really hope they come back :mrgreen: I called out to them that night, and I will call out to them tonight as well. I really want to encounter these wonderful beings again :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I believe they were Arcturians. I really want to see them again :mrgreen: I feel like they are my spirit guides, and I want them back and to see them again :mrgreen:

However, unfortunately, I have encountered some negative entities as well. They abducted me a couple of times, wiped my memory (or tried to). Though, clearly their plan didn't work as I remembered it and remembered it through dreams. They abducted my mother as well who I was with during one abduction. While I experienced these abductions, these entities subjected me to horrific procedures. Though, my mother remains in the dark, and I cannot seem to awaken her to what happened. Although, she was RIGHT THERE. Somehow, their memory erasure worked on her but not me.

These entities dragged me into the ship on two occasions, and they inserted a device into my nostrils. I do not know if they put a chip in my brain, but it is possible. I have no evidence of this though, just a slight suspicion. Who knows? Maybe. Maybe not? I don't know. Then, they tackled me and shoved the same device up my arse. They did not even use lube.

After this, I was returned. On one occasion, I was returned and received a large wound on my finger. As a result, I went to the doctor. The doctor was perplexed by it though. He noticed that it did not bleed normally, and he was perplexed. He didn't say it was aliens of course, but he said that the wound had some "unusual properties" and that the fact that I didn't feel it at the time was even more unusual. He was perplexed by the whole thing, the fact that it was not painful and the fact that it didn't bleed much, as it was a muscle deep wound. Given the fact that the doctor was perplexed and these are phenomena reported by abductees combined with the fact that I have a weird and hazy memory of being floated out of my house and on to a flying saucer, I think it is safe to say that this was an abduction and the memories I have showed me that they were the evil aliens. I believe they were Orionids if that matters.

I was fairly young when these things occurred, and I am a bit traumatized by my encounters with these evil aliens. If they ever enter my room again, would using physical force be a good idea? I feel like even if there were multiple of them, if they have a physical strength that is similar to humans pound for pound, I likely would win against them and possibly scare them out of trying to abduct me. For someone like myself who is heavily trained in self-defense against malicious humans, would it be possible to successfully defend myself against these ETs if they ever returned. Or would that just make matters worse? Perhaps, they would simply see me as too "dangerous" for them to deal with and just fly away in their saucer. I will say that I read a story about a man who defended himself from an alien abduction physically, and he did not even have any self-defense training or anything of the sort. Nor was he even a particularly large person. I am rather traumatized by my experience with these evil entities, and I feel like given my training and experience, physical resistance would likely either incapacitate them temporarily or at least frighten them and cause them to leave my bedroom.

Chances are, I was thinking that perhaps, even though they likely would have technology to paralyze me like aliens typically do, if I was mentally and also if necessary physically resisting them and using my training in doing so, that they likely would simply not see me as someone worth their trouble and go on to mess with someone else. Now, as you would expect, I don't have any superpowers or anything, so if they were to return...... perhaps they'd telekinetically prevent me from fighting them. So, should I even bother with this? Or no? I'm very tramatized by my experience with the malevolent ETs, and I would want to think that now I would be able to use my self defense skills in combination with strong willpower to scare them off. But is this realistic? And despite their smaller size, would they likely use their superior technology/superpowers to overpower me and physically injure me in reaction to me physically responding to their attempt to rip me out of my room. Thoughts? If anyone has physically scared off the aliens in this sort of manner, I would be interested to hear.

I am scared of them. I stay up late at night because I am scared. I'm scared to sleep as this traumatized me, and I fear they'll return. Any little sound and I'm on high alert, just worried that malevolent aliens are on their way. I just want to think that perhaps now if they return, I'll be able to fend them off or at least that perhaps that knowing what I am capable of physically would cause them to seek out someone else, as I am constantly horrified at the thought of those things coming back into my bedroom. I feel like they fuck with me telepathically sometimes, but I always resist it quite well. In fact, often, I will start going into this weird state of "wanting" to get abducted by these things. And I resist it successfully. I get sleep paralysis (I believe it's telepathic interference) and I resist it. In fact, there are times that I have thought they were around, and I struck the bed with my fists and found myself kind of flaling in a state of semi "sleep paralysis" (a.k.a. I have a hunch that my nearly nightly occurrences of sleep paralysis is a form of alien telepathy/mind control) and attacking what actually was the blanket. I feel like if those entities that messed with me before entered my room again, I would physically attack them. If they did not use any "superpowers" on me (as I don't have any of course), I have no doubt that I would be able to fend off probably 4+ of the scrawny brownish gray ones if they ever chose to try to abduct me again. Though, I worry and suspect that doing this would cause them to use some sort of hi-tech weapons on me or something? I don't know. I want to feel like I can fight them off or at least have the ability to try to (which given everything would likely be successful). The idea that these things have some sort of hi-tech weapons that can just rip people out of their beds and night and torment them and the humans have no recourse just doesn't sit well with me. If that's how it is, I suppose I just gotta deal with it like the rest of the human race. But it scares me, and I am horrified at this every night and it intereferes with my sleep nearly every night as I am horrified at the experiences that I had and also the idea of being powerless to stop it. Though, like I said, perhaps they wouldn't want to mess with a more physically "challenging" person like myself as I have grown older and would prefer to "pick on someone smaller" so to speak. I don't know. I just know that these beings scare the living crap out of me and the fear of them taking me again keeps me from sleeping often. Sometimes, I stay awake til dawn just because I fear them returning.

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