Message of HOPE from the Pleiades and Galactic Federation

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Message of HOPE from the Pleiades and Galactic Federation

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Channeled By Greg Giles

"I see you gathered in the streets, in protest of the long series of wrongs which have been done to you and your families in the name of greed and power. These were done in an attempt by those who have been consumed by greed and darkness to control you and imprison you in a world of their own creation, to further their corrupt reign of insatiable desire for more money, more power, and more control. You have succeeded in breaking free from these shackles of tyranny. It is time to celebrate and put all these trying times behind you. You are just moments away from embarking on an incredible voyage that will see you pulling away from the dock which has been your three dimensional world of separation and illusion. The members of this dark cabal were used to help facilitate your learning and advancement. All was deemed necessary for your upliftment. We, the Galactic Federation, along with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies have been working feverishly to help free your world from the clutches of these darkworkers for some time now as their part in this grand production is no longer required for your benefit. This endeavor has been an enormous challenge, but we tell you all is now being returned to a world of love and light, and soon you will bask in the warm glow of your new and exciting lives. Do not ever be afraid of these changes. This is why you are here. To experience for yourselves firsthand the incredible ride which is ascension of a people and a planet into a higher dimensional state. You all jumped at the chance to be here at this time, and that time has come. Get ready for the thrill ride of a lifetime. You all have earned this moment as you have worked so hard in so many areas you can have little idea, but we tell you that you have earned all this, and you will receive the blessings we speak of very soon.

Much is happening behind the scenes and we do try to give you a glimpse of the secret goings on from time to time. We feel the more you know about what is happening, the more excited you will become about the changes. Your joyous excitement raises your collective vibration and helps facilitate the necessary changes. All of you have done your part. You all deserve such a warm thank you from us, your family from afar. Please remember, you all have gotten here together. You are all one, one in the name of the Creator, one in the name of love. Treat each other with kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. Each is your brother, each is your sister. Treat them and respect them as such.

We have been keeping tabs on all the dark’s maneuverings and we are very happy to report that their once very powerful organization is in tatters. They are now barely functional, and will not be able to mount any substantial objection to your ascension to the higher realms. This has been our main function here at this time. Ascension is a natural blessing from the Creator and your universe. Ascension is not our invention and we, the Galactic Federation, are not the overseers, if you will. The Creator is the overseer to these proceedings, we are merely helpers, sent by the decree of the Creator to assist you at this time as it was foreseen that much resistance to your journey would be created by the dark cabal. We know their game, and we are far better prepared to handle their attempts than you could be at this time. Many Earth allies have also contributed to the demise of the Illuminati and their band of misguided minions, and much gratitude is owed to these brave men and women of your world. As we have said, many of these individuals will be made known to you at the proper time, and we look forward to meeting you at the proper time as well. This time is approaching rapidly. You may have seen several messages and predictions circulating the internet at this time, and all we can tell you is to use your wise judgment and your powers of proper discernment when assimilating the many avenues of information. Does the author of the information resonate with you personally? Does he or she send forth waves of love and light, or do you perceive other motives, other intentions. It is all up to you. Do your best to feel the messages signal. Feel its radiance. You have heard ‘The proof is in the pudding’, taste their pudding before buying what they are selling. We are not saying all of the information you may be reading regarding upcoming events are falsehoods. We are merely suggesting you be discerning in what you accept as messages coming from sources of light.

We wish you all to know the end is drawing near, which will open a new door to a new beginning. Never doubt for a moment your safety and well being is not being cared for every step of the way, for indeed it is. You are our children, our brothers and sisters. How would we ever let any harm come to you? You have so much to look forward to. All your hopes and your dreams for a better world are just moments away from materializing in the most incredible of fashion. Many of you have never experienced such a gorgeous display before in any of your previous incarnations. This moment will surely be remembered by all of you throughout your blissfully eternal new lives. We promise you magic and wonder, delectable delights for all your heightened senses. Remain calm and composed. Try to experience the rush of joy without losing your composure and becoming overwhelmed. Step into your new lives confidently, the gift is yours because you have earned it. There can be no other way. So it is.

We await your arrival at our doorstep with great anticipation and excitement. What a joy it will be to see all your shining faces again. It has been such a very long time. We will be together so very soon. Until then, we love you. We are your Star Family."

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