Kick the Fear right Out of your Life

never be afraid. ever.

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Kick the Fear right Out of your Life

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Gather yourself up and be strong. Stay Calm. Everything will be okay very very soon. :D

The ultimate goal, of course, is to never be afraid because fear can overtake your senses when you do not have your wits about you. To work on never being afraid again, you must focus your thoughts on what makes you happy and lifts you up. Happiness lifts your vibrational frequency, exactly what you want to happen. So go ahead and put a smile on your face right now.

If you feel depressed, heavy, and can't find any happiness in your life, you need to find new ways to be happy. To discover what makes you happy, practice creativity in everything you do until you find what really excites you. For example, when you cook dinner tomorrow, give it a little extra thought and time to create something new, preferably not with a recipe someone else wrote, but by taking the ingredients you like and making your own masterpiece.

Photography, writing, sewing, gardening, sports, drawing, all are good ways to express your inner spirit. Try them out and direct your energy in a new, positive direction. You have to find your own, inner happiness to know your true strength. When you know and feel who you are inside, and when you feel your connection to all your brothers and sisters, you will have overcome fear because you will then know how very powerful you really are.

We're all here together.
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Re: Kick the Fear right Out of your Life

Post by Ford »

That helped me a lot.
Thank you Bonnie.

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Re: Kick the Fear right Out of your Life

Post by tskoone »

Thanks Bonnie for empowering words. Let's create our future ourselves by being positive and let not others control us through fear. Let's make Earth a beautiful place to live for generations to come and all living.

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