Bruise patterns

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Bruise patterns

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Hello (:

I've been having a lot of out-of-body experiences and abductions recently, most of which were with the star people I believe. I still don't remember much of the visitations but I remember a few of the beings I see, so I have been trying to portray them in my art. I'll post some pictures of them here sometime :)

Two days ago I woke up with 5-6 small bruises on my leg. I tried to recall if I bumped myself at some point during the day but I would have remembered the pain. The bruises I woke up with reminded me a lot of the marks I acquired during my childhood, where I was visited almost constantly by the star people.

Please excuse the scars on my leg as that is another story. Apologies for the bad quality also. Three of the bruises are in an almost perfect triangular formation. I am just wondering, does anyone have an idea of why star people leave these marks? I don't feel like they came from negative beings although I could be wrong.

Have a great day :)
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Re: Bruise patterns

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Hello Friend,
You asked: "does anyone have an idea of why star people leave these marks? "

It seems that the bruises the star people leave are from whatever exam, procedure, or activity you took part in. It is typical to find the bruises in triangular patterns, so possibly they have some device they use that might leave this type of pattern. Generally, abductees and contactees are regularly given examinations onboard the star people's craft. These exams seem to be like check ups you might experience at a doctor's office.

People also wake up with other types of bruises that look like they came from some pretty rough handling. I have seen bruises on a person's upper arm that looked like they came from a giant hand that grabbed this person and pulled them or dragged them by the arm. The person had bad memories of what happened during the night, and it seemed like it could have been a negative abduction, possibly even military.

Sometimes it is difficult to say whether you were with good star people or negative ones because the events can be so foggy and clouded, hard to recall. I have woken with bruises and scars after having visits with star people that I considered perhaps it is just a side effect of what occurs during the exams.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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