I am new to this

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I am new to this

Post by Manon »

It is ok if I just read and navigate to this forum to
start with.
Just had regressive esoteric hypnotherapy and discovered
what happen to me, I am still in shock. I am not ready
to share, I am still in deny even if I did knew all my life
I have to digest what happen to me. Wish it could
had been a good experience like a lots of you guys.
I need to digest all of this and I have so many
questions and I am not in a good place mentally right
now. (My first language is French so please excuse my

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Re: I am new to this

Post by Bonnie Jean Mitchell »

Greetings Manon,
You are in the right place! : )

Take your time and read through some of the other posts, if you like. I know it is a big shock to you right now, but you will get past this point. Some things are so difficult to believe, even if you did suspect it throughout your life. We have to realize that the physical world is much more than what we usually think it is; the physical world is connected to the astral and etheric planes where we can move our conscious awareness right out of our physical bodies. When the "visitors" show up, we tend to drift into another state of awareness where we are not completely awake and in control. That is partly why it is difficult to explain in a logical way. These visitors are working with us in a way that we do not fully comprehend yet.

The good news is...now that you know...you can begin to take control of it.

Try to stay calm and do nice things for yourself. You will get through this part. Feel free to post any of your experiences or you can ask me questions about mine. I am a life-long contactee who has had many positive, good experiences, but also dark and scary ones where I had to deal with evil aliens and MILABS (military abduction).

When I have experiences with the visitors now, I am very much in control of what happens.

Be at peace and fill your heart with love and light. This is your best defense and the best thing you can do for yourself.

Many Blessings, Bonnie
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