St. Louis Arch

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St. Louis Arch

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Okay here's a weird one. My one and only so bad, really bad horrific experience. About a decade ago I visited St. Louis. There was just something about the arch. I felt like I could be anywhere, go anywhere do anything I wanted. I felt like I was closer than I'd ever been to something huge and ground breaking. To this day I have pictures of myself under it surrounded by little balls of light just glimmering off the metal.

I stayed on an "arch" high that carried dejavu with it for days after I got back. Then, suddenly all the joy just soured. And it was sudden. It switched to mind numbing fear. It gets worse, that fear was coupled with an auditory hallucination (one time only..and ugly words too), a visual hallucination (biblical imagery) and nightmares that wouldn't quit.

I never knew why. I assumed I'd gotten neurotic over the family I'd gone to visit there, or the person I was seeing at the time who wasn't right for me. But now I wonder. Overall the whole experience was out of control bad. Like a bad acid trip without the acid. The imagery was of "hell" weirdly, just as exactly as you'd imagine it only much worse. :( Glad it just happened once. It was my 1408 moment. It lasted for a long long time...months, maybe close to a year.

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Re: St. Louis Arch

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Hi HeadsUp7up,
That kind of sounds like you were getting beamed with some type of mind control frequency, when you were hearing the negative words and having the nightmares. There is frequency technology being used by the government to control people's thoughts, insert sounds and visuals into their heads, and even make them feel fear, anger, and sadness. You can read more about it at our other site, Here is the link to a good video that shows reporters, live on tv, getting beamed with a frequency weapon which makes them unable to think or speak properly:

It is very, very interesting that standing under the Saint Louis Arch gave you such a reaction. The shape of that structure could cause some type of energetic effect that we cannot see but we can feel. And you said that, in the picture, there were little balls of light glinting off the metal? So interesting. Is it possible to share your picture with us? You could crop yourself out of the picture and just show us the balls of light.

Take care. Many Blessings, Bonnie
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