Blood in my eyeball after abduction

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Blood in my eyeball after abduction

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Hi guys have a question for you all. I have noticed something. Every now and again when I am in bed , but not asleep yet, I get this funny feeling of being pulled into a tunnel or wormhole. I fully contious can manage to think oh crap and then I take the ride down it.
Next morning I always wake up with some sot of mark on my body. This time it seems they have been messing with my eye. A blood splash in the white of the eye. This you can see on the pictures. It hurts pretty badly too. anyone here tried that.
these experiences are linked to a specific race it seems. Human high or a little more. No hair of any kind. Completely black eye but a little white i think too. Wiry body. Brownish /grey in color. Very pronounced muscular body. Sometimes some sort of metallic suit on, but this is not always.
Has anyone seen these guys before or some that look similar. ????

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