A Lifetime of Contact Leading to
Higher Consciousness

The Shift

The Shift


Section One: The Power of Human Consciousness  

Part One: Raising Vibrational Frequency      
Part Two: Consciousness Survives the Body 
Part Three: The Power of Manifestation            
Part Four: Interacting with Multidimensional Entities 

Section Two: Preparing for the Shift  

Part One: Near Death Experience                                   
Part Two: Military Abduction (MILAB)       
Part Three: Working on the Etheric Plane   
Part Four: Watching the Shift Happen          

Section Three: The Awakening

Part One: The Third Eye and the Etheric Plane            
Part Two: Seeing Through the Fake Scenario
Part Three: Fighting the Controllers
Part Four: Consciousness Expanding

Section Four: The Shift

Part One: The End of the Matrix
Part Two: Stepping into the Next World
Part Three: Reclaiming My Own Mind
Part Four: Creating a New World
military abduction
The Shift

The Shift

A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness

  • 6 x 9 Paperback Book
  • 460 pages in length
  • Publisher: Lulu
  • ISBN 978-1-716-24922-8
  • Publication date: September 10, 2021

Wake up and defend yourself! This is the realization of who we are. We have entered the age of UFO disclosure and the secret government’s Project Blue Beam. Will you be able to see the truth within the lie?

This is your handbook, authored in exact synchronicity with the coming frequency Shift, offering discernment between the false, satanic narrative and the true, natural awakening and spiritual ascension of mankind.


Bonnie Jean Mitchell is a life-long contactee who works with benevolent star people toward the highest vibrational frequencies that lead to a profound shift in conscious awareness and the uplifting of humanity.

Are you ready for the Shift?

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