Bonnie Jean Mitchell

Bonnie Jean Mitchell is the founder of This is a supportive website and forum for abductees and contactees, founded in the year 2000.

Bonnie is also the co-founder of

She is a researcher, author, and life-long contactee. Along with her husband John, Bonnie discovered a psychological and digital form of mnemonic mind control on television and other electronic devices that can literally reprogram the human mind. It is important for you to know about this. Please click here for one of our videos about Mnemonic Mind Control.

For over 20 years, Bonnie has given advice to those living through paranormal and metaphysical experiences. She wrote the book Journey with the Star People in 2005, detailing her early years of experience with multidimensional star people and also military abduction (MILABS). She published her new book, The Shift, in 2021 in synchronicity with the natural spiritual shift and ascension of mankind. This latest book is the handbook for anyone who needs guidance through the current paradigm shift in consciousness. 

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