The Flow of Consciousness

Whether you are awake during the day or asleep during the night, your conscious awareness is immersed in an energetic, flowing river of consciousness. Your mind comes up with ideas that may appear as “precognitive dreams” that manifest over the course of the following three or four days…and then you start the cycle over again. Thoughts that you give attention to may appear to you as synchronicities. If you are paying attention, you will see the pattern playing out in your life during your sleep time and during the day.

It does not matter if you are in the physical world or if you are Out-of-Body; your thoughts will manifest and you can see them while you are dreaming and while you are living life in the mundane world. It is all the same flow; it does not matter if you are awake or asleep. All of your experiences are valid and they make a difference in how your life plays out.

The Shift

The Shift: A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness is my new book! This video is a look inside the book to give you an idea of what to expect. I touch on each chapter and cover topics such as: Raising Vibrational Frequency, Consciousness Survives the Body, The Power of Manifestation, Interacting with Multidimensional Entities, The Third Eye and the Etheric Plane, The End of the Matrix, and Creating a New World.

It is time for all of us to take responsibility for our own lives. The old world is falling apart around us. Humans have the power to create reality. It is time to go inward and find your true self and begin consciously manifesting a beautiful world. This is our challenge and our final test as we near the end of the game! Use everything you have learned in your life to complete your mission with LOVE in your heart. Blessed Be!

When the Storm Comes

When the storm comes, go inward to find the light and your salvation. Connect to your highest self and to Source. If you do this in the present moment, you have nothing to worry about. Let go of the past and the world we are leaving behind. It is time to focus your thoughts on creating a new reality in a higher vibrational frequency. Your thoughts literally manifest reality.

As chaos erupts in the social structure of the matrix, those of us who are awake need to go inward and focus on the highest vibrational frequency we are capable of. Not everyone is ready…in fact, most people are not. Allow them to follow their own path while you take your energy back for yourself and focus on LOVE.

Frequency Bridges

Frequency Bridges connect different vibrational frequencies. You can find them on the etheric plane while you are traveling Out-of-Body.This will help you raise your frequency and explore new worlds.

A theme that has been prevalent throughout my life-long journey with the star people is the raising of my own vibrational frequency. Each person has their own frequency fingerprint that is natural to them. This frequency will determine what type of life you experience. It can change everything about your life, including your perspective on how you view the world, and this is vitally important. If your energy field is vibrating on a low level, you will have bad experiences. You will need to work on your life lessons and learn from them in order to overcome your problems and work your way up to having more conscious awareness. More clarity and insight will bring you a closer connection to your higher self. This, in turn, connects you to the Source of everything that we are all part of and all wanting to be more closely connected to.

One way to raise your vibrational frequency in the alternate reality is to cross a bridge.

This is a book reading from The Shift.

Interview with The Bases Project

Bonnie Jean Mitchell speaks with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project on February 9th and then again on February 17th 2022. Some of the topics covered are: Bonnie’s experiences with the Star People from a young age, using the third eye, seeing into other dimensions, extradimensional abilities, the secret government, Military Abduction, underground bases, Reptilian military officer, military trained psychics, military personnel disguised as aliens, training with the star people in the “star people school,” vision of New York City melting from the top down, the end of the matrix, The Shift of Consciousness, raising vibrational frequency, and becoming our true spiritual selves.

As we awaken and shift into higher states of awareness, we are remembering WHO WE ARE. This is when we take our power back! The Controllers will flee from us when we remember who we are. They are terrified of The Shift and they are trying to stop it from happening, but they cannot. Nothing can stop the LOVE and LIGHT rising within our hearts and filling us with strength. We are eternal, spiritual beings who are only here in the physical world temporarily. Now is the time to stand your ground and speak your truth. Stand up for what is right. We can manifest reality!

The Matrix will Vanish

The Matrix will Vanish, according to the multidimensional star people who have been teaching me when I go Out-of-Body. The matrix system, including all the “man-made” (although it seems it was not originally created by man at all) structures will disappear. The way we have been living will change. Religion, education, money and banking, the military, all the social structures currently in place will end.

This is our opportunity and our challenge to remember who we are and rise up. It is time to create a new reality based on love and light and equality, not competition and fear. Those days are over. As we go into The Shift of consciousness, it will become obvious for those with eyes to see. Now is the time to stand up and manifest a world all humans with love in their hearts can agree upon.

Be strong with love in your heart. Meditate and go inside yourself to re-discover who you truly are as an eternal, spiritual being. When you remember who you really are, you will know that you are in control and you absolutely have the innate ability to turn everything around for yourself and all of humanity.

Many Blessings to everyone who is waking up!

ACT NOW – Demonic or Divine?

Demonic or Divine – Which one are you? It is urgent that you choose your path now. There is no middle ground; you cannot be good and bad at the same time. Your vibrational frequency will take you where you need to be when the Shift happens. Let everything from your past go. Let all your programmed ideas of who you are go. Let go of the chaotic world outside yourself. Focus instead on your true self; the inner self that is an eternal, spiritual being that lives forever. The higher vibrations of spirit are divine and they are protected. Be your true self!

The splitting off is happening. You must do your inner work now. There will be no more time when the Shift is upon us. Now is the time to get straight and make up your mind in which direction you are going. Choose your vibrational frequency now.

We are Shifting

We are shifting up into a higher state of conscious awareness. As we begin to remember who we are, the controller’s matrix system is falling apart.  They are struggling to hold it together as the truth comes out and everyone with eyes to see will know their deeds. If you are dealing with demons, shadow beings, evil greys, or reptilians, you can cast them out of your life by focusing your heart and mind on love and filling your body with white light. WE are in a spiritual battle. Now is the time of our challenge; the big test that comes on everyone’s path to spiritual ascension. Go inward to use your “in-tuition” and learn the true answers to all your  problems. Keep love in your heart and never be afraid ever!
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