There is No Death

My mother is passing into Spirit. She is doing it with style and class, in a calm and peaceful manner. I am so proud of her. My mother knows that she is an eternal, spiritual being who only came to the Earth plane temporarily. Now it is time to go Home. I will miss her being here physically, but I have a strong spiritual connection with her.

There is no Death, only a change of form and a change of residence. Our true selves are eternal. When we leave our physical bodies, our conscious awareness stays intact and we move into a lighter energy body. When it is your time to go, stay calm and let yourself slip out of your physical body. Friends on the other side will help you. Keep Love in your heart and never be afraid ever. Blessed Be.

Interview with The Bases Project PART 3

Bonnie Jean Mitchell speaks with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project. This is Part 3.
You can watch Parts 1 and 2 of The Bases Project Here.

Some of the topics discussed: The Matrix overlay that we live in, the Controllers who are currently directing the Matrix, Mind Control, Rooms within the Mind, Dismantling the Matrix, Rewriting your Programming, what the star people showed Bonnie about the end of the old world and the beginning of the new world, the Human Chakra system, Reptilians feeding off Fear, Manifesting a New World, The World of Bliss, The Plane above the Earth Plane, the Magnetic Pole Shift, a Change in Conscious Awareness, Time to take Action, Your Higher Frequency can Help Others, this is a Spiritual Battle, Remembering Who We Are!

Always remind yourself to keep LOVE in your heart. These are challenging times we live in. We are each called on to do our very best to bring about a new world that we manifest within ourselves and project outward. This is our BIG TEST!!

Interview with UFO HUB

Bonnie Jean Mitchell speaks with Adnan Ademovic from UFO HUB on April 29th, 2022. Some of the topics covered are: Bonnie’s involvement with the very first UFO Conference held at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) which is also the Edgar Cayce Foundation, her early encounters with the Star People, early encounters with the secret government in an underground base, military trained psychics, manifesting reality on the etheric plane, Bonnie’s Near Death Experience, Mind Control, rooms within the mind, Reptilians and Demons, the Matrix melting away, the end of this world age, the Shift, focusing on Love and Light and creating Happiness in your life!

The Controllers of this world know the SHIFT is here and they are pulling out all the stops to try and prevent the SHIFT from Occurring. This is NOT possible, but it IS possible to get dragged down into their lower frequencies of fear and sadness and anger. It is time to be strong and face your fear, like no other time in your life. This is our BIG TEST. It is time to do your very best with LOVE in your heart!

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