The Shift

The Shift: A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness is my new book! This video is a look inside the book to give you an idea of what to expect. I touch on each chapter and cover topics such as: Raising Vibrational Frequency, Consciousness Survives the Body, The Power of Manifestation, Interacting with Multidimensional Entities, The Third Eye and the Etheric Plane, The End of the Matrix, and Creating a New World.

It is time for all of us to take responsibility for our own lives. The old world is falling apart around us. Humans have the power to create reality. It is time to go inward and find your true self and begin consciously manifesting a beautiful world. This is our challenge and our final test as we near the end of the game! Use everything you have learned in your life to complete your mission with LOVE in your heart. Blessed Be!

When the Storm Comes

When the storm comes, go inward to find the light and your salvation. Connect to your highest self and to Source. If you do this in the present moment, you have nothing to worry about. Let go of the past and the world we are leaving behind. It is time to focus your thoughts on creating a new reality in a higher vibrational frequency. Your thoughts literally manifest reality.

As chaos erupts in the social structure of the matrix, those of us who are awake need to go inward and focus on the highest vibrational frequency we are capable of. Not everyone is ready…in fact, most people are not. Allow them to follow their own path while you take your energy back for yourself and focus on LOVE.

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