You are part of a Spiritual Family

You are part of a spiritual family that works together; you are not alone. All your effort helps the team. What you are working on in this lifetime will benefit not only you but also your spiritual family. Your efforts really matter, as you are adding energy and consciousness to your family.

When a loved one passes over, they don’t really “die”; they just don’t have a physical body anymore, but they are alive and well. They continue to work on projects where they are now.

There is No Death

In our spiritual home, we are all together. It’s not only the people who have passed over, but also everyone who still has a physical body. We all have a higher self that is always safe back home. Only a small amount of our conscious awareness comes to the physical plane to incarnate.

Whatever you can accomplish on your path here, on your mission, will positively help everyone in your spiritual family. You help yourself and you help the group at the same time. Whatever you do not get done while you are here you will either need to reincarnate to finish, or someone from your spiritual family may do it for you (if it was not personal to you but an effort for the entire group).

Returning to Spiritual Order FREQUENCY

Our loved ones want us to be happy. Even though we may feel the loss of their departure, we have to be strong and continue on. This is not just for us but also for the entire group. If we take care of ourselves and do a good job gaining conscious awareness and helping humanity and the world, we are greatly helping our spiritual family as well.

When you are in the right frequency, with love in your heart, you will feel your loved ones coming around for a visit. They want to be near you and they want you to pay attention when they are around.

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