The light within you shines like a beacon for those who can see. The more love you fill your heart with, the more light you have inside your body. This can clearly be seen on the etheric plane, but it is also fairly obvious on the physical plane as well. This light is our connection to Source. When you lift yourself up into higher vibrational frequencies, you allow room inside yourself for this light. In this way, you are bringing divinity to humanity.

This light of love and life energy pushes away negativity. It can keep demons, evil aliens, dark magicians, and any other negative being away from you. The darkness does not like the light because when you are in the light, you are connected to Source and you are in your true power. You know who you are. The dark entities are afraid of the light because it is the truth. When we know the truth and when we know who we are, we have the power to take control and create a reality where the dark entities do not exist.


Fill yourself with love and light to dis-spell the darkness.

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