contact experiences

Contact experiences vary from person to person and are largely based on what type of entity is trying to visit you. There are multi-dimensional beings walking around that we cannot see unless we are on the same frequency channel as them. There are loving light beings who can act as teachers and guides. There are also dark entities who want to suck energy out of you. Both types may show up in your bedroom as you are going to sleep. This is because it is the easiest time to approach you…as your state of consciousness is shifting and leaving the physical world to go into the astral or etheric realms.

Alien Abductees

You might experience sleep paralysis as the being attempts to make contact with you. A benevolent visitor may try to help you raise your vibrational frequency as they lower theirs a bit to meet you “halfway” in a place where you can work together on the same frequency. Your consciousness will change as your physical body goes to sleep but your mental state stays mostly aware. Then you may find yourself leaving your physical body. If you can stay calm and observe the process, you will keep your mental focus and be able to learn from the situation and be in control of what happens. The being might help you leave your body and then float with you through the wall to the outside where their ship or craft is waiting. This is one scenario that might occur.

If a malicious entity comes into your room to mess with you as you fall asleep, you might also experience sleep paralysis. Though their intentions may not be good, it is still wise to stay calm and keep control of your emotions and mental state. You will soon be able to move again, though you might be Out-of-Body. This is a totally natural state for you to be in, so do not worry. If an evil being such as a demon, a grey alien, or a reptilian is messing with you, stand your ground and chase them away. If you cannot move, due to the sleep paralysis, stay calm and give it a few minutes until you can move again. Always try to remain calm and keep control of the situation.

How to Stop Alien Abduction

I highly recommend that you get rid of your cell phone because it is literally a frequency weapon that demons can travel through. If you cannot get rid of your cell phone, at least turn it off at night and keep it far away from you. Also shut off the Wi-Fi while you sleep. It is bad enough to have Wi-Fi on during the day as it is blasting you with 4G or 5G frequencies that are harmful to your body. At the very least, keep it off at night while you sleep.

If you are having bad contact experiences, put protection around your body. Meditate and focus on a bubble of white light that protects you while you sleep. You can also protect your room or your entire house by “sealing” the windows, mirrors, television, computer screens, and cell phones before you sleep. These can be used as entry ways or portals by unseen beings.

Remember that you are a very powerful, eternal being incarnated here on the Earth plane just for a short time. You are way more powerful than any demon or low-level creature that would try and suck your energy out. Lift yourself up and find happiness! You can turn your life around by keeping yourself in a good mental state and realizing that you are an eternal spiritual being. Contact experiences can be very beneficial to your life if you meet the right high-level beings who can be guides for you.
Blessed Be!

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