10 Steps to Transition through The Shift

10 Steps to Transition Through The Shift:
1. Connect to Source
2. Face your Fear
3. Know How to Protect/Defend Yourself
4. Focus your Thoughts
5. Break the Mind Control Programming
6. Release your Past
7. Let Go of Who you Thought you Were
8. Move into the Stillness of the “Black Void”
9. Re-Create Yourself
10. Be Ready to SHIFT into Higher Vibrations

In order to transition through The Shift, you need to do some inner work. The Shift happens first inside of us through a Conscious Awakening and then The Shift happens outwardly and physically in the world. This is a spiritual Shift that will uplift humanity. Those on the right-hand path with LOVE in their hearts and the Will and Capability to Shift into Higher Awareness have a beautiful future ahead of them.


It is time to let go of that which does not serve you, including old ways of thinking and behaving. The indoctrination and mind control we were all subject to needs to be deleted from our minds so we can literally re-write our programming and begin to manifest a good reality. The truth is coming out about all that was hidden; now we can clearly see the deception.

Shift Your Point of Power

In this video, Bonnie Jean Mitchell shares the 10 Steps to Transition Through The Shift. Take your time, watch the video, and go step-by-step through the process. It may take some time, but it is well worth it to reclaim your life and remember your true eternal, spiritual nature. If you are already on the right-hand path, it is likely that you have been working on these steps all along. As we reach the end of this world age, we will see the false reality matrix fall apart right before our very eyes. Now is the time to get focused in a deeply spiritual way to experience an incredible leap in human evolution.

The Shift

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