shift your point of power

Shift your point of power from your physical body to your spiritual body. Change your perception and change your life. Your manifestation will become more positive and filled with love if you can focus from a higher plane, to see a broader vision of the earth plane. As we shift into higher vibrational frequencies, it becomes clear that the world is not really good versus evil; the earth plane is a temporary learning school where we prepare for our future lives in the real world of spirit. We are eternal. This place is practice to get it right!

Your focused Attention shifts your view of reality.
The ancient Toltecs gave us the wisdom about the Assemblage Point and Attention.

You can completely change your life and take control by moving your center of attention to a good place where you can see more clearly. Now is a great time to pull your focus away from the physical world and switch to an advanced view of life by looking from a spiritual point of view. You can make better decisions by viewing your own life more like an outside observer. Take a step back and see things from a higher perspective. Shift your point of power to your spirit body.

Break Free from the old matrix system that is falling apart.

We are only here for a short time. Live your best life by changing your focus to see what is good. All of this will fade away as we awaken to our true selves and our true power. We are reality creators! We can manifest love and abundance right here and now. Don’t wait for permission from anybody else, choose your own path and feel your higher self taking over. No more ego-based choices, only love to light the way!

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