Take the reins of life into your own hands. Manifest what makes you happy by giving it your attention. It really matters what you focus on as we Shift into a higher dimension of awareness. Manifestation is happening quickly as “time” speeds up. We are experiencing more life in one day than we used to; one day might be equal to 20 days time now. As you remember your true, powerful nature, it becomes more important to focus on happiness. Your innate power of creation is growing stronger and becoming more apparent.

Who is Creating Your Reality?

As we ascend into higher vibrational frequencies, it is our responsibility and our opportunity to come up with new and exciting ideas about how we want to live. When we are connected to our highest self and Source, we have all the answers we need inside. Do not depend on any outside source for solutions to your answers; the truth is inside of you. Find a way to get connected and then let your imagination run wild with happy new perspectives on your life.

Help! 3D is Going Away!

There is always a way to lift yourself up and focus on what is good. Just let yourself go there. The limitations we had in the past are drifting away from us. Never think, “This is my lot, it is what I’ve been given”; instead look at things in a different way that opens up new possibilities. It is time to replace all our old, outdated ideas and situations with fresh new perspectives. Let’s look at life with joy and love in our hearts! Time to take the reins!

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