leave the world behind sonic attack

“Leave the World Behind” is a new Netflix movie produced by Barack Obama. It is chock full of mind control, and not just all the normal mind control (like fear-based predictive programming, Masonic symbolism, and overall Satanic ritual abuse) but it also includes an actual, outright sonic attack. The “noise” (as they call it in the movie) blasts the audience for over a minute in real time. This is a long time to play this kind of noise in a movie track. It then plays again a second time (a little bit later) triggering the same irritating effect from the first blast.

Leave the World Behind sonic attack: John and Bonnie Mitchell break down the video and audio track in Sony Vegas software, only to discover the FOUR audio tracks used in the movie. One of the audio tracks is infrasound that is not audible to the human ear. Why is it there? According to the director of the movie, Sam Esmail, he was trying to recreate the sonic attack on American diplomats in Havana Cuba that happened in 2016!

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The Leave the World Behind sonic attack is so obviously right in your face, it is hard to believe that more people cannot see the truth of the situation. You really have to question why Barack Obama, a former president of the United States of America, produced such a horrific, evil movie about the downfall of the United States! It seems the Satanic overlords don’t even need to hide what they are doing anymore; in fact, it seems they are giving those sleeping masses a sound smack in the face and having a good laugh over it!

ACT NOW – Demonic or Divine?

I highly recommend you do not watch the movie Leave the World Behind, but if you do watch any of it, please put up spiritual protection around yourself. And DO NOT listen to the entire sonic attack “noise.” These are the end times, no doubt, and we are seeing it play out. Keep love in your heart and get out of the false, satanic matrix we were born into. It is time to wake up and set ourselves free!

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