As in the Days of Noah

Have you ever heard that phrase “As in the days of Noah?” Back in Noah’s day, there were many evils on the Earth plane. There were giants and Nephilim, demons, and Chimera mutants. The “men” of that day were full of evil spirits. The Creator was not pleased, so he wiped everybody out with a huge flood…except for a chosen few (Noah and his family and a pair of each type of animal on the Earth). The survivors began a new Earth age. I think we are going into some times ahead that will look like we are in the days of Noah again.

As in the Days of Noah Chimera Evidence

There are more and more sightings of unusual creatures in 2023. People are seeing giants on mountain tops, shadow people appearing in their homes, strange lights flying around the sky, newer and better Bigfoot sightings, and all manner of demons especially connected with electronic devices. The demons are becoming more brave because they don’t have to be concerned with hiding anymore; the masses are completely asleep under a hypnotic spell and will do nothing to stop the evil.

An Encounter with Demons

The UFOs and UAPs are on the uptick all over the world. UFO sightings are becoming commonplace. Is it Project Blue Beam? Yes, partly. The holograms are becoming rather detailed, with some people in Asia seeing cities in their skies (again) and this time all lit up with people walking around! Some of the UFOs are actually real, multidimensional manifestations. How can we tell the difference? We need to be in a higher frequency to see things from a higher perspective. Do your best to see the good in your life and focus on being happy. This will greatly help you in the process of waking up and seeing what is real. Blessed Be!

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  1. Thanks for this.

    I don’t really delve much into UFOs/UAPs. That said, I do feel that there are a lot of major energies at play, and I’m doing my best to be authentic. It’s always encouraging to be reminded to work on oneself.

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