dream harvesting

Dream Harvesting happens at night when demons or other negative entities create fake dream scenarios to steal people’s energy. I heard them say “They’re going to change our history, you know.”

This is an audio excerpt from an interview Bonnie Jean Mitchell did with Mel Hostalrich of Veritas.

The experience is detailed in the book THE SHIFT. I went to sleep that night and then woke up fully conscious in an alleyway behind a restaurant. I was lured inside by a three-headed demon who is one of The Controllers of this world right now. The Controllers set the course of human affairs and they control our history. They keep re-setting our world from one cycle to the next and they direct our path…at least, for now.

THE SHIFT is upon us and The Controllers know that. THE SHIFT is a great awakening of the conscious awareness of humanity. It cannot be stopped by anyone, including The Controllers. They are scrambling to keep power as we SHIFT into a higher state of conscious awareness existing in a higher vibrational frequency and higher dimension.

WE ARE REMEMBERING WHO WE REALLY ARE. We are reality creators who have the power to create a beautiful reality with love in our hearts. The power of Source or God guides us and lights our way. The Controllers are TERRIFIED of this happening. They are helpless against the power of love and divine Source.

This is just one experience that demonstrates the power of love and light and the connection to Source when confronting demons. I highly recommend that people write down their dreams in the morning when they wake up. This will give you clues as to what is happening during the rest of your life, while you are sleeping. The entities that attach to humans and suck out their life energy do not stop their attacks at night while we sleep. But, THEY CAN BE STOPPED with the correct frequency of the Christ Spirit in your heart.

To stop dream harvesting, put protection around yourself before you go to sleep. Imagine a bubble of white light around your body and ask God for protection. Practice focusing your thoughts and being consciously aware in your dreams. You will learn to identify a threat when it approaches. Fill your heart with love and feel the inner strength of God’s protection. You are an eternal, spiritual being who will never die. These demonic controllers are lesser beings who are on their way out. Stand up for yourself and show them the power of love and light!

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