it's okay to talk about alien abduction

It’s okay to talk about alien abduction! It is no longer a “taboo” subject. Millions of people experience visitation by non-human entities.

If you have had bizarre experiences that you cannot explain: hearing really strange noises while trying to go to sleep, seeing lights floating around your room or outside the window, feeling tingling sensations in your muscles or feeling like you body is vibrating, paralysis, sensing that there is someone in the room with you, going into vivid “dreams” where you feel wide awake, etc, then you might be experiencing a visitation.

You will really know for sure when you actually see the star people or aliens in your room, feel them pulling you out of your body, floating through a wall, and going onto their craft!
Watch this video about my experiences with the star people.

Realize that if you can stay calm and keep your eyes open, you will learn so much! If you can stay calm, you can keep control. When you return to your physical form and wake up in the morning, you can record the information and learn from it.

This type of experience is wide-spread throughout the world. It is not isolated to one area or to one type of person; ALL of us are affected. Millions and millions of people are coming out with their stories. The more of us who come forward the better so the TRUTH can come forth!

If you meet someone new and you really like them, tell them everything about yourself, including the possible visitations. You will know right away if they are going to be your new friend or not. If they really like you, there is a very high probability that they will be very interested in what you have to say.

It’s really okay to talk about alien abduction. The time for the truth is here and now. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Never be afraid ever!

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