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John Searl’s incredible flying Levity Disc is also a free-energy generator that has similar attributes to UFOs.

John and Bonnie Mitchell from Awakenvideo.org and AlienAbductionHelp.com look into the incredible research of John Searl and his Levity Disc.

British inventor John Searl created the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) with Rare Earth Magnets. The generator produced Free Energy. The truly amazing thing is…the first generator he made (a small version, inside his kitchen) created such a strong electromagnetic field that it TOOK OFF! It literally flew up into the air, crashed through the ceiling, and flew away!! So he got a team together to put the generator inside a 30 foot in diameter disc and set it off into the air! He called this the Levity Disc.

Every Sunday night, he had public demonstrations in front of the Media and Scientists (including from NASA). BBC-1 ran a TV series on his Levity Discs for an entire year. His work is legitimate and utterly incredible. Of course, as is usually the case, he was imprisoned and his work was stolen by the evil Controllers. I am sure they created their own generators based on his design. We can compare John Searl to Nikola Tesla and the ground-breaking work he did with energy, frequency, and vibration. He also had his work stolen away and hidden from the public. It is time the truth came out and we all have access to this technology which could instantly change the world for the better!

The Levity Discs that he made were seen by many people and reported to the police as UFO sightings. Many of them, possibly 30 of these flying discs, flew away and never came back! Could they still be flying around?? The similarities between the Levity Disc and UFOs is very, very interesting and thought provoking. For example: the Levity Disc SEG generator causes electronics and compasses to go haywire – so do UFOs. The Levity Disc creates marks on the ground similar to what UFOs do when they land. The Levity Disc has a strong electromagnetic Field around it, like UFOs do!

Check out the Awakenvideo Livestream and see for yourself:

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